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Synthetic stickers to be distributed as fansupport for BTS

Synthetic stickers are our most versatile stickers by far. A step up from our Mirrorkote stickers, they are made from tearproof and waterproof plastic. The base material is matte, but prints on this material come out brilliantly glossy.

These stickers are our thinnest and clingiest, making them suitable for virtually anything. Their flexibility allows them to adhere to even small curved surfaces without coming loose.

If you need stickers that are stronger than Mirrorkote, yet less costly than PVC, Synthetic stickers are your best bet. 

Synthetic stickers also come in a removable option. Please email to enquire. 

Several round stickers made of Synthetic material


Synthetic stickers are made of plastic, thus making them much stronger and more durable than paper stickers, so they can be used for even more products and items you can think of!

Water on Synthetic stickers


Being plastic, Synthetic stickers are also completely waterproof - so yes, they can withstand condensation, being splashed, or even completely soaked! Go ahead and try - we guarantee that your stickers will stay safe!

Synthetic sticker pasted around a pen

Thin & flexible

Owing to the thinness of these stickers, they are the most flexible material we have! This makes them perfect for small items, since they can curve much more easily compared to other materials.

An attempt to tear Synthetic stickers in half, proving their durability


Synthetic stickers are tough and tear-resistant*, ensuring that they are able to last longer than regular paper stickers.
*Please see Extra Tips section below

A Synthetic sticker that has been written on


Unprinted areas on Synthetic stickers have a smooth matte surface, which is highly suitable for writing with ballpoint pens and markers - just give the ink a few seconds to dry!

Synthetic stickers for a birthday


Synthetic stickers are a wonderful compromise between price and quality - cheaper than premium PVC stickers, but of better quality than regular Mirrorkote stickers.

Pricing Guide

Just a few of our most commonly requested sizes for cut stickers. Email us for a quotation for ANY SIZE up to A3!

Round & Oval

35mm diameterRound shape$9.80$0.142/sticker
50mm diameterRound shape$9.80$0.280/sticker
60mm x 40mmOval shape$9.80$0.244/sticker
70mm x 50mmOval shape$9.80$0.401/sticker

Square and Rectangle

35mm x 35mmSquare shape$7.80$0.106/sticker
50mm x 50mmSquare shape$7.80$0.187/sticker
50mm x 25mmRectangular shape$7.80$0.103/sticker
80mm x 40mmRectangular shape$7.80$0.240/sticker

Square and Rectangle (Rounded corners)

35mm x 35mmSquare shape$9.80$0.142/sticker
50mm x 50mmSquare shape$9.80$0.280/sticker
50mm x 25mmRectangular shape$9.80$0.159/sticker
80mm x 40mmRectangular shape$9.80$0.334/sticker


40mm x 40mmCustom shape$12.00$0.211/sticker
60mm x 30mmCustom shape$12.00$0.220/sticker
70mm x 40mmCustom shape$12.00$0.364/sticker

EZ-Link Stickers

85.5mm x 54mmEZ-Link card shape$9.80$0.347/sticker

A4 & A3 Uncut Sheets

Perfect for printing in small quantities, or if you have a large number of custom designs. Collate all your designs in an A4 or A3 template, and then cut them out on your own for maximum savings!

A4$3.00 per A4 artwork$2.30/pc$2.20/pc$2.10/pc $2.00/pc
A3$3.00 per A3 artwork$4.60/pc$4.40/pc $4.20/pc$4.00/pc

Usage Suggestions

Synthetic stickers are best for pasting on all kinds of frozen and chilled food items: Gorgeous logo stickers for your ice cream cups and tubs so that your customers can get that perfect‌ Instagram shot; price and information labels for all your frozen meats and everyone will know how fresh they are; and instruction labels for your pre-made cookie dough so your customers know how to make the best cookies possible. Being completely waterproof, you need not worry about your labels being damaged at all, no matter how much condensation forms. Just make sure that you paste the stickers while the surface is totally dry - the stickers will then be sure to adhere perfectly!

With such a huge array of skincare and beauty products out there, you will surely want your own to stand out - with custom sticker labels, you will be able to easily brand all your lip balms, lipstick, BB cream, and more with your beautiful designs! Synthetic stickers are thin and flexible, perfectly able to wrap securely around your tubes and bottles. And, being completely waterproof, they can withstand oils and moisture, whether from being placed in the bathroom, or from any stray spills and drops.

For a more durable and reusable option for your jar and bottle labels, do consider Synthetic stickers too! Being waterproof, they can be easily washed and reused as many times as needed, and your branding will remain intact. These are also a great option for any bottled food items that need to be chilled or frozen, so that they remain safe even after being placed into and taken out of the refrigerator and with condensation. Rest assured that your customers will always be reminded of your brand and products for a long time, and come back for more!

Pens make highly useful gifts for any occasion, so why not personalise them with your own brand by just using Synthetic stickers? When your attendees and customers use these beautiful, unique pens, they are bound to remember your event and product well, especially with using them every day of their lives! If you don't need customised pens in bulk, our stickers are a great low-cost alternative - clear, sharp printing, strong adhesion, and no minimum order quantity!

Customise your own glass bottles for your events, be it miniature wine bottles for your wedding guests or bottles of champagne for an anniversary dinner! It'll be a beautiful gift to take home for all your guests, letting them remember the day fondly with such a thoughtful, personalised memento!

Synthetic material is also a popular choice for K-pop fansupport stickers, owing to their added durability and waterproof properties. You can be sure that they will last longer against any possible friction and tears, but at the same time, you won't have to break the bank while printing beautiful stickers of your favourite idols!

Extra Tips!

A Synthetic sticker on organza pouch

If you are worried about stickers not adhering well to certain surfaces, Synthetic stickers are the safest. However, on less sticker-friendly surfaces like silicone & cloth, they can be removed more easily.


When pasting, always ensure that the surface is smooth and even. Curves that are tapered (wider at one end) or spherical items (eg globes) will cause bubbles and wrinkles to appear on the stickers.

Smudge test on a Synthetic sticker to show likelihood of ink smudging

When writing on Synthetic stickers, please wait about 5 seconds for the ink to dry completely. After that, the ink will not smudge no matter how much it's rubbed!

Synthetic sticker is torn at a fragile point where there is a sharp indent.

Due to the thinness of the materials, if there are sharp indents on the stickers, they become easily tearable.  To prevent this, simply ensure that your artwork is as rounded as possible!


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