Custom Labels / Sticker Printing in Singapore

Artwork Specifications for Stickers

( 1 ) Artwork specifications for small individual stickers

Please read through our general e-design specifications.
The design's dimension has to be the same as your intended actual sticker size.
Minimum resolution: >300 dpi OR >400 dpi if design contains small text.

Full-size sticker printing available.

Additional guidelines for round or custom shape full-size sticker printing:
1) Main contents, such as important images and text, should be kept at least 2mm away from the boundaries of your actual sticker dimension.
2) If your sticker design has a background, please add a 2mm surrounding bleed to the background image. Otherwise, no bleed is required at all.

Sample with explanation: Printing round stickers of diameter 30mm
1) Ensure that main contents are kept within a boundary of (30 - 2 - 2) = 26mm
2) Add a 2mm surrounding bleed for the background, as indicated by the faded region.
Final sticker artwork size will hence be (30 + 2 + 2) = 34mm diameter
* Note: The fade effect used above is solely for the purpose of facilitating illustration. Please do not include the effect in your sticker artwork.

( 2 ) Artwork specifications for A3 or A4 size stickers

Please read through our general e-design specifications
The design's dimension has to be A4 (210mm X 297mm) or A3 (297mm X 420mm)
Minimum resolution: >300 dpi OR >400 dpi if design contains small text.
A4 or A3 design must include a white surrounding border of 5mm
(i.e. actual printable area for A4 is 200mm X 287mm, and A3 287mm X 410mm)

If you are unsure whether your sticker artwork meets the requirements, please email it to us for checking: or