Minimum Order & Surcharge

Kindly note that we have a minimum print order quantity:
2pcs for A4 size
4pcs for A5 size
8pcs for A6 size
Other sizes - We will let you know through email if applicable.

Also to note, as of April 2022, we have started implementing a surcharge of $10.00 for each item under $35.00, this is to keep up with rising production and overhead costs. Items above $35 are not affected at all - we are doing our utmost best to avoid raising our prices amidst inflation. We do not charge GST. 😅 Thank you for your continued support! 🙇

Price Guide for 300-350GSM Standard Art Card

For Greeting / Invitation Cards, Postcard, Advertisement, Poster, Calendar, Certificate, Book Covers etc.

How to use the Price List below:

First, look for the price according to the product size then calculate:

Processing fee for manuscript + Printing fee = Total price

All calculations are based on distinct page layouts.
For example, if your manuscript has 5 distinct artworks (A4-sized), and you need 10 sets printed, we will calculate the total cost based on 50 pieces.

i.e. Processing fees (5 layouts X $1.50) + Printing fees (50pcs X $1.20) = Total price $67.50

A6 / A7, 300-350GSM

A5, 300-350GSM

A4, 300-350GSM

A3, 300-350GSM