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Washi Art Paper Sticker Material

Washi - It's the new trend

Introduction to Washi Stickers

Ever wished you could customise your own washi tape stickers, but not really need an entire 5m roll? We now offer custom printing of your own designs on washi paper sheets! These sheets can also be die-cut into strips for easy removal and application for any of your craft or scrapbooking needs! So go ahead and have fun with your own creativity! We can print these in any colour, with no MOQ! And since these are sheets, we are also able to offer kiss-cut shapes or even have your designs printed on an uncut sheet. The options are boundless! Interested? Drop by our shop and collect your free samples!

Properties of Washi Stickers

Magically blend well with pasted surface

Blend well with the surrounding surface, Magical! Doesn't look like it's two different layers of material at all!

Strong Adhesion and Stickiness

As our staff are also regular lovers of washi tape, we can assure you that we have tested these and have found these sheets to have a much stronger adhesion than we expected.


Stickers are relatively thick, lasting, and can be easily peeled off the sheet, and pasted back down multiple times without crumbling.

Suitable for curved surfaces

Need your stickers to wrap around tightly curved surfaces and cylindrical shapes? Not to worry, these washi stickers can wrap around on objects as small as pencils without falling off!


Not entirely waterproof, as these stickers don't peel off well when they are drenched. But it still sticks well! Colour print-outs have been assured not to bleed when wet as well.

Semi-transluscent Colours

Like regular washi tape, we would like to remind our users that these colored tapes will have a hue-shift when pasted on dark surfaces. So do bear that in mind when using these!


Light to medium scratches with your fingernails will not wear down the printed artwork.

Comparison between our other sticker materials:

Characteristic:Washi Sticker
(Art Paper Material)
Mirrorkote Sticker
(Paper Material)
PVC (Transparent) Sticker
(Plastic Material)
MOQ (Minimum order quantity) : Just ONE single piece
ANY sizes! (Up to A3 max)
Die-cut shape
ANY shapes!
Condensation-resistant (Minor)Yes!Yes!Yes!
Adhesive property Dry adhesive Dry adhesive Dry adhesive
Scratch-resistant (Against penknife, sharp objects)NoNoYes
Reusability Might be less effective, and leave some stick marks NoMight be less effective, and leave some stick marks
Printed on Surface Surface Under lamination
OpacitySemi-translucent material, printing will will have a hue shift when pasted on dark surface.Opaque white material, printing will be in bright and sharp colour.Available in:
1) Transparent material + white underlay: printing will be in bright and sharp colour.
2) Transparent material without white-underlay: printing will be in translucent colour, best used on light coloured surfaces. See here for details.
Double sided printing
Unavailable for all sticker materials, sorry!
Technical Info
(Don't worry, you can ignore this)
Art PaperPaperPrinted Layer: BOPP
Laminate Layer: PVC or BOPP or PET
(we name our laminated stickers PVC regardless of laminate type)

Usage Suggestions

Below are some inspirations we gather from across the web. Here's an opportunity to showcase your products or unleash your creativity on our web pages! If you have printed stickers with us and wish to share photos of your products with our stickers on them, or photos of how you have used our stickers for your creative projects, please email us your original photos! Please also let us know your Social Media names (if any) so that we can credit you for the photos! 😇 We will be using the photos for the promotional purpose of our printing service (thank you so much!) Help us fill up this photo gallery! You can also show us how you are using our stickers on your products or creative projects by tagging us in your Facebook and Instagram photos! Follow us on Instagram, or Like us on Facebook!

Feeling excited with our magical Washi Sticker Printing? Drop us an email for a consultation with our printing experts.