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Round Shape Stickers, Sand Gold Paper Sticker Material, goes well with Pineapple tarts for CNY!

Sand Gold Sticker with
 White Underlay  Printing

Red on  White Underlay  Printing.
Suitable for Labelling Baked Products.

Click here for Sand Gold Stickers.
Click here for  White Underlay  Printing.

#YourBrandwithODP - Mockup Photo of Transparent Stickers with White Ink Printing on bottles, by, Photo by Vie Studio from Pexels, Assets from freepik were used.

Transparent Sticker
with  White Ink  Printing

Suitable for Branding Bottled Products.
#YourBrandwithODP #YBODP

Click here for Transparent Stickers.
Click here for  White Ink  Printing.

#YourBrandwithODP - Mockup Photo of Sand Gold Paper Sticker on a bouquet of flowers, by, Photo by Dainis Graveris from Pexels, Assets from freepik were used.

Sand Gold Sticker

Suitable for Branding
Floral Products.

#YourBrandwithODP #YBODP

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#YourBrandwithODP - Mockup Photo of Mirrorkote or Synthetic Stickers for Takeaway Branding, by, Assets from freepik were used.

Mirrorkote & Synthetic Sticker

Suitable for Branding F&B Business.
#YourBrandwithODP #YBODP

Click here for Mirrorkote Stickers.
Click here for Synthetic Stickers.

#YourLabelwithODP - Mockup Photo of PVC (White) Stickers for Labelling Safety Helmets used in Construction Sites, by, Assets from freepik were used.

PVC (White) Sticker

Weatherproof material for outdoor use.
Suitable for Labelling Safety Helmets
used in Construction Sites.
#YourLabelwithODP #YLODP

Click here for PVC (White) Stickers.

How our sticker printing can help you with branding & labelling.

Brand your products & services with our sticker labels! From the food & beverage packaging stickers for your F&B business, baked product labels for your baking business, cosmetic product labels for your cosmetic business, or any promotional stickers and labelling stickers for your products and businesses.

Connect with your customers by adding your contact details on the Labels and your customer will remember you when they need your Products or Services! We have a wide range of materials to cater to your Sticker & Label Printing needs in Singapore! From the cost-effective Mirrorkote material to the Synthetic waterproof material, to the beautiful Holographic sticker materials! Check out the Various Categories of Product Sticker Labels you may need by viewing our Material Recommendations! Urgently need to replenish the Sticker Labels of your Products in Singapore? No problem! Email us your artwork and print #YourLabelwithODP ( #YLODP ) from as fast as 15mins up to 24hrs! Wanna promote your Products or Services? Let's #YourBrandwithODP ( #YBODP ) !!!

Product Stickers & Labels you may need:
#YourBrandwithODP ( #YBODP )

#YourLabelwithODP ( #YLODP )

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