Minimum Order & Surcharge

Kindly note that we have a minimum print order quantity:
2pcs for A4 size
4pcs for A5 size
8pcs for A6 size
Other sizes - We will let you know through email if applicable.

Also to note, as of April 2022, we have started implementing a surcharge of $10.00 for each item under $35.00 (before Folding or Borderless Charges, etc, if any), this is to keep up with rising production and overhead costs. Items above $35 are not affected at all - we are doing our utmost best to avoid raising our prices amidst inflation. We do not charge GST. 😅 Thank you for your continued support! 🙇

Card & Paper Types

We provide a range of paper products to cater to the printing of posters, flyers, cards, photographs, etc.  As long as you can find the correct paper type, you are set to go! All of our materials are considered paper products (except Synthetic Paper Materials), their thickness determines their classification as Card or Paper).

Here is a list of materials that we stock:

1. Standard Art Cards 300-350GSM (Rough / Smooth)

Heavy-weight paper, highly suited to printing formal cards and invitations.

300GSM Sun Snow Max (Rough Matte)
350GSM Symbol Matt Plus (Smooth Matte) (Choice of Matte or Glossy Printing)

(Note: Even though the Grams per Square Meter (GSM) is different for these materials, the thickness feels the same)

2. Premium Art Cards 250-290GSM (Majestic Metallic Series)

A shimmery, premium finish.

290GSM Majestic Marble Digital White
290GSM Majestic Candlelight Digital Cream
250GSM Majestic Luxus Real Digital Silver
250GSM Majestic Luxus Real Digital Gold

3. Premium Art Cards 250GSM (Linen / Canvas Textured)

Imitates the texture of the canvas.

4. Art Papers 170GSM Cool White (Smooth)

Light-weighted Art Paper. Suitable for flyers, posters, and other marketing collateral. This is the thinnest material available.

(Note: We do not have normal 70gsm office paper)

5. Synthetic Papers (Plastic Waterproof Material)

Waterproof Synthetic Paper made of Polypropylene (PP), grease-resistant, and tear-resistant.
For indoor use only, not suitable for outdoor use. (Colour will fade if used outdoors for a prolonged period as it is not weatherproof)

(Note: This material is rather sharp in its corners, for user safety, we highly recommend printing in rounded corners)