All Available Sizes (Up to A3)

We have a wide range of sizes for our Digital Prints. From International Standard Sizes to Custom Sizes (up to A3) to cater to your printing needs. We are able to print the following on Art Card or Art Paper material:

1) Bookmarks, 2) Flyers, 3) Packaging Sleeves, 4) Vouchers, 5) Name Cards, 6) Certificates, 7) Postcards, 8) Greeting Cards, 9) Posters, 10) Waterproof Menus, and anything else within A3 size.

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All Sizes Available for Digital Prints (in scale)
Due to low demand, some sizes are retired. Please check the list below for the most up-to-date sizes available. (Updated 20 Feb 2023)

Size List

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Actual Size (Opened / Closed, if applicable):Bleed Size (when Opened, if applicable):Fold (if applicable):Printed Products that uses this Size (Reference only):
50mm x 50mm
(Retired due to low demand.)
54mm x 54mm-Square Name Cards, Square Cards
54mm x 54mm58mm x 58mm-Square Name Cards, Square Cards
70mm x 70mm74mm x 74mm-Square Cards
80mm x 80mm84mm x 84mm-Square Cards
85mm x 50mm89mm x 54mm-Name Cards
85.5mm x 54mm, R3mm
(EZ-Link / Credit Card Size)
Front: 87mm x 55.5mm
Back: 89.5mm x 59mm
-Name Cards (Rounded Corners)
85mm x 54mm89mm x 58mm-Name Cards
88mm x 50mm92mm x 54mm-Name Cards
88mm x 54mm92mm x 58mm-Name Cards
89mm x 51mm
(Retired due to low demand.)
93mm x 55mm-Name Cards
90mm x 54mm94mm x 58mm-Name Cards
90mm x 90mm94mm x 94mmSquare Cards, Square Flyers
100mm x 88mm (Opened)
50mm x 88mm (Closed)
104mm x 92mm (Opened)Half-FoldName Cards (Folded), Fold Cards, Fold Flyers
100mm x 100mm104mm x 104mm-Square Cards, Square Flyers
105mm x 74mm, A7109mm x 78mm-Flyers
105mm x 105mm109mm x 109mm-Square Cards, Square Flyers
128mm x 90mm132mm x 94mm-Vouchers, Flyers
140mm x 50mm144mm x 54mm-Bookmarks, Vouchers
140mm x 54mm144mm x 58mm-Bookmarks, Vouchers
140mm x 60mm144mm x 64mm-Vouchers, Flyers
140mm x 70mm144mm x 74mm-Vouchers, Flyers
140mm x 80mm144mm x 84mm-Vouchers, Flyers
140mm x 90mm144mm x 94mm-Vouchers, Flyers
148.5mm x 105mm, A6152.5mm x 109mm-Postcards, Flyers
148.5mm x 148.5mm152.5mm x 152.5mm-Square Cards, Square Flyers
160mm x 80mm164mm x 84mm-Vouchers, Flyers
160mm x 80mm (Opened)
80mm x 80mm (Closed)
164mm x 84mm (Opened)Half-FoldSquare Cards, Square Flyers, Fold Cards, Fold Flyers
160mm x 90mm164mm x 94mm-Vouchers, Flyers
175mm x 145mm179mm x 149mm-Flyers
180mm x 65mm184mm x 69mm-Vouchers, Flyers
180mm x 90mm (Opened)
90mm x 90mm (Closed)
184mm x 99mm (Opened)Half-FoldSquare Cards, Square Flyers, Fold Cards, Fold Flyers
180mm x 120mm184mm x 124mm-Flyers
180mm x 125mm184mm x 129mm-Flyers
185mm x 75mm189mm x 79mm-Vouchers, Flyers
190mm x 95mm (Opened)
95mm x 95mm (Closed)
194mm x 99mm (Opened)Half-FoldSquare Cards, Square Flyers, Fold Cards, Fold Flyers
200mm x 65mm204mm x 69mm-Vouchers
200mm x 90mm204mm x 99mm-Vouchers
210mm x 99mm, DL214mm x 103mm-
210mm x 99mm, DL (Opened)
105mm x 99mm (Closed)
214mm x 103mm (Opened)Half-FoldFold Cards, Fold Flyers
210mm x 148.5mm, A5214mm x 152.5mm-Greeting Cards
210mm x 148.5mm, A5 (Opened)
105mm x 148.5mm, A6 (Closed)
214mm x 152.5mm (Opened)Half-FoldFold Cards, Fold Flyers, Greeting Cards, Invitation Cards
210mm x 210mm214mm x 214mm-Square Cards, Square Flyers
210mm x 210mm (Opened)
105mm x 210mm (Closed)
214mm x 214mm (Opened)Half-FoldSquare Cards, Square Flyers
220mm x 100mm224mm x 104mm-
275mm x 70mm279mm x 74mm-Packaging Sleeves
297mm x 210mm, A4301mm x 214mm-Posters, Certificates
297mm x 210mm, A4 (Opened)
99mm x 210mm, DL (Closed)
301mm x 214mm (Opened)Tri-Fold / Z-FoldFold Cards, Fold Flyers
297mm x 210mm, A4 (Opened)
148.5mm x 210mm, A5 (Closed)
301mm x 214mm (Opened)Gate-FoldFold Cards, Fold Flyers
297mm x 210mm, A4 (Opened)
148.5mm x 210mm, A5 (Closed)
301mm x 214mm (Opened)Half-FoldFold Cards, Fold Flyers
297mm x 297mm301mm x 214mm-Square Cards, Square Flyers
299.7mm x 99.7mm
(Retired due to low demand.)
303.7mm x 103.7mm-
365mm x 70mm369mm x 74mm-Packaging Sleeves
382mm x 154mm (Opened)
127.33mm x 154mm (Closed)
386mm x 158mm (Opened)Tri-FoldFold Cards, Fold Flyers
420mm x 200mm (Opened)
140mm x 200mm (Closed)
424mm x 204mm (Opened)Tri-FoldFold Cards, Fold Flyers
420mm x 297mm, A3424mm x 301mm-Posters
420mm x 297mm, A3, (Opened)
140mm x 297mm (Closed)
424mm x 301mm (Opened)Tri-Fold / Z-FoldFold Cards, Fold Flyers
420mm x 297mm, A3, (Opened)
210mm x 297mm, A4 (Closed)
424mm x 301mm (Opened)Half-FoldFold Cards, Fold Flyers
469.5mm x 317.5mm, A3+*

*Our A3+ size is slightly smaller than the actual International Size of 483mm x 329mm.
N/A, Max Printable Area is 465.5mm x 312.5mm-Posters

Sizes in Various Groups of Printed Products

Custom Sizes Available: Bookmarks / Flyers / Packaging Sleeves / Vouchers (in scale)

All Available Sizes for Square Cards / Flyers (in scale)

All Available Sizes for Name Cards (in scale)

All Available International Standard Sizes. Suitable for printing Certificates, Flyers, Greeting Cards, Postcards, Posters, and more! (in scale)

All Available Sizes for Fold Cards / Flyers (in scale)