Gold Paper Stickers

Round Shape Stickers, Gold Paper Sticker Material, writable, Kiss-cut on sheet

A Soft, Elegant Shimmer

1. Introduction

If you’re looking for a less reflective variant of our Gold Foil Stickers, why not try out our Gold Paper Stickers? It has a soft matte, metallic sheen, which is a lot more affordable since does not require any lamination. The texture and material are rather similar to our Mirrorkote paper stickers, except for the golden base colour.

2. Properties


Being made from paper, these Gold Paper Stickers are environmentally friendly, so you can print as many stickers as you need without fear of harm to the environment! These stickers look amazing too - you will surely impress all your customers with the quality of these stickers.

Matte Metallic Golden Sheen

The metallic surface and colour of this paper sticker are what separates it from the Gold Foil Stickers we commonly offer customers. It is not as reflective and is very commonly used for jars, bottles and cosmetic products.


While the surface may appear shimmery, the surface is perfectly writable. Just use a ballpoint pen or oil-based marker to write and wait a couple of seconds (but not a gel pen or water-based marker, those are trickier)! The ink won't smudge afterwards - not even if you try to rub it!


Comparing this to the Gold Foil Stickers, this is way more cost-efficient as it does not require any lamination.


Print-outs don't scratch off easily from the stickers with your fingernails on medium to heavy pressure.


The printed artworks do not smudge, even if water splashes or condenses on the surface.

Usage Suggestions

Coffee Beans

Tea Leaves
Body Scrub
Flower Bouquet
Seasonal Gifts