Rounded Square Shape Stickers, Holographic PVC Sticker Material, oil & chemical-resistant because of lamination, Kiss-cut on sheet

 Holographic PVC Sticker 

 Oil & Chemical-resistant. 

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Kraft Sticker square shape

 Kraft Paper Sticker 

 Suitable for Printing Organic Products Labels. 

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Rounded Rectangle Shape Stickers, Silver Foil PVC Sticker Material, White Ink Printing, no-lay, Kiss-cut on sheet

 Silver Foil PVC Sticker 

 Suitable for Printing Computers & Electronics Product Labels

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Rounded Square & Rectangle Shape Stickers

Rounded Square & Rectangle are stickers with rounded corners. These are another sticker shape we offer, offering a little extra than your usual straight-cornered stickers.

Round corners have more than just an aesthetic function. They are also more durable and are harder to remove from a surface compared to stickers with straight corners.

With rounded corners, there is also space in between them to cut them out separately - making them perfect for distribution!

Urgently need to replenish the sticker labels of your products in Singapore? No problem! Submit This Form with your Artwork and we can get them printed as fast as within 24hrs!

Need to print some Rounded Square or Rectangle Shape stickers in Singapore?