Custom Labels / Sticker Printing in Singapore

Kraft Art Paper Sticker Material

a rustic, natural charm

Introduction to Kraft Paper Stickers

Kraft paper stickers are one of our special materials, with a beautiful matte base. They look natural and are particularly suitable for vegetarian / vegan / organic food products, or for any project that requires a natural, rustic look.

While we can print colours on them, darker shades, such as brown, black and red show up best on these stickers.

These stickers are not waterproof but are certainly able to withstand mild condensation. Plus, with our laser printing technology, rest assured that the print will not smudge or run even if wet!

White Ink on Kraft Stickers is now available! Click here for details!

Before you order...

  • Please take note that the price guide for our kraft stickers does not include the cost of white ink.
  • Light printed colours will also be slightly translucent when printed - white or pale areas (eg cream, grey) will take on the colour of the brown kraft base below.

Properties of Kraft Paper Stickers


Being made from paper, Kraft stickers are a more environmentally friendly choice and cause less harm to the environment! It is also a beautiful-looking material.


The beautiful matte surface lends a touch of simple elegance to just about any design.


Capable of withstanding minor condensation, the prints will never smudge! In fact, they won't run even if totally soaked!


The surface is easily written on with ballpoint pens and fine-tipped markers - just give the ink a couple of seconds to dry!

Natural Colour

With their natural colour, Kraft stickers are perfect for adding a rustic look to your products and belongings.

Popular Choice

The slightly rough texture of Kraft stickers makes them a popular choice for those looking to stand out.

Usage Suggestions

Organic Food

Organic and vegetarian food products will be served well by kraft stickers, with their natural, handmade look. Being made of paper rather than plastic, they are the most environmentally friendly of our products and are a clear choice towards being environmentally sustainable without sacrificing quality!

Wedding Gifts

Give your wedding favours and invites a sweet, simple charm with these beautiful, natural kraft stickers. Envelopes will certainly look unique with a printed sticker to seal them closed, while on gifts they certainly stand out more than other types of labels - perfect for the most special day of your life! Perhaps with an outdoors wedding or a simple, intimate family affair, kraft stickers will be best for you!

Vintage Designs

Vintage designs for kraft stickers give off an aged, used look, particularly suitable for wine bottles, and homemade brews of kombucha.

Baked Goods

Your all-natural, homemade baked goods will be served well with these beautiful natural stickers as well. Your customers will be sure to remember such lovely and unique products, and come back for more!  They also make for unique, classy seals and labels, sure to catch the eye and assure customers of the quality of your products.

Candle /Soap / Skincare Products

Branding of skincare products made of all-natural materials can be enhanced by the brown kraft texture.

Essential Oil Bottles

Kraft stickers are an appropriate branding choice for bottled products containing only natural ingredients.

Extra Tips!

If pasting on bags (eg goodie bags, standing food pouches, and ziploc bags), paste the stickers before filling the bags! When flat and smooth, the stickers will be much more secure, and won’t fall or be damaged even when the bags are filled!

Kraft stickers are a little thick, and are slightly less flexible. If pasting on small, curved items such cosmetic vials, do consider our Synthetic stickers instead! Or, increase the size of the Kraft stickers so they have greater surface area!

Due to the base colour of Kraft stickers, colours printed on them will take on the brown tone of the base. Thus, dark colours such as black and brown are recommended for designs. Lighter colours eg green do not show up as well on kraft stickers.

While the prints on our stickers are guaranteed not to run despite even if wet, as the base is paper it is not completely waterproof and will crinkle and possibly tear upon being submerged in water.