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Anti-Counterfeit Stickers

Anti-Counterfeit printing is also available for Art Card / Art Paper Materials.
(Suitable for the printing of tickets, vouchers, coupons), Email us for enquiries!

Press Pass Under UV Light, Invisible Red Security Printing


All Access Pass under UV Light, Invisible Red Security Printing,


Invisible Red Security Printing, Vampire Reveal!


Invisible Red Security Printing, Skull Monster Reveal!

Skull Monster!!

Protect Your Prints, With Invisible Red Ink

Introduction to Invisible Red Ink Printing

Don't fall victim to counterfeit! Protect your prints from imitation! Counterfeits can cause financial losses by stealing away a portion of the profit margin from your legitimate business. It also violates your intellectual property which is a labour of your investments in researching, developing, and marketing your product. In the worst case, counterfeit may also lead to job loss which results in a loss of income tax revenue critical for nation-building. Criminals and organized crime groups may also use the profit made from counterfeit products to fund other criminal activities and cause harm to societies as a whole.

Consumers who use counterfeit of your product can also damage your brand's credibility, leaving you with the distress of dealing with the aftermath of counterfeiting. It's especially so if cosmetic and pharmaceutical products are in question. Consumers who unwittingly used such counterfeit products face health risks and may even result in fatality. Having the means to allow consumers to quickly authenticate their purchase would be a huge plus to their interest and your business!

The introduction of special invisible red ink toners in digital print has allowed us to provide an enhanced level of security for your prints! Visible only under UV light and nearly invisible under normal lighting, security markings can be printed on your printouts to provide a means of authentication. Applicable for entry-level security in vouchers, tickets, certificates, all-access passes, brand labels and more!

This special colour is impossible to replicate using ordinary home printers and industrial printers may not even produce the same result. Hence, deterring any attempts to replicate your printed vouchers, tickets, etc for illegal purposes!

Properties of Invisible Red Ink Printing

Nearly Invisible

Printouts are nearly invisible under normal lighting conditions, making it easy to hide security details. However, under ultraviolet light, the printout will show as a clear distinct red, revealing hidden details. (Note: Recommended to print on laminated material, on unlaminated material, Invisible Red printing can still be visible at a certain angle. As shown in the picture, left: unlaminated, right: laminated)


Printouts are difficult to replicate using ordinary home printers, deterring unauthorized reproduction of your printouts such as vouchers and coupons. We also take precautions to only allow authorized persons to print your secured prints.

Img - Fast, Photo by Jean Gerber from Unsplash

Quick and Affordable

Digital printing is a much viable option for short-run and on-demand projects compared to offset printing. It's also more efficient for printing personalized details such as names, addresses, and serial numbers, and is much cost-effective with a quicker turnaround time.

Img - Unique In Market, Photo by Randy Fath from Unsplash

Unique In The Market

Invisible ink printing service is unique in the market and it's very hard to find a shop that provides such service locally.

Not Just for Serious Matter

Surprise your audience with Invisible Ink art! Create special gift cards for parties, promotional events, or just simply for your art project!

Usage Suggestions

Stickers / Labels



Entry Tickets

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