Typesetting & Designing

OneDayPrint also provides a design service for our customers who need a little more help producing print-ready artwork. If you have any problems with Typesetting / Chinese / Graphic Design / Scanning for hi-res images, do call us or drop us an email at order@onedayprint.com.sgand we'll have dedicated customer service personnel to attend to you!

Design itemDesign fees (S$)Note
Artwork designed by customerFits the design requirements - free(1) Artwork fees will usually be a one-off. Reusing it the next time without editing will incur no additional charges.

(2) Our company will keep the Artwork for customers for one year or more. However, we will take no responsibility for data loss due to file corruption or computer failure.

(3) Other than designs that cost more than S$100/page, all other designs that our company re-drew / scanned, for a fee less than $100, do not include ownership fees. Therefore customers have no right to retrieve the Artwork, but they have the right to request that we keep it or delete it.
Artwork designed by the customer but needs editingMight incur a cost, depending on the situation
Business card artwork$80 minimum
Sticker artwork$40 minimum
Logo scanning with simple editing $40 per logo
Logo basic design / re-drawn according to logo$180+ per logo
Logo professional design$240+ per logo
Photo scanning and basic editing$40 per photo
Simple design for advertisement$240+ per page
Professional design for advertisement$480+ per page