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Sand Gold Paper Sticker Material

Luxurious Gold Glitters.

Introduction to Sand Gold Paper Stickers

If you're looking for something less glossy, but you still want gold in your designs, we recommend going for our Sand Gold Stickers!

Sand Gold stickers are paper-based and have a slightly different colour compared to our Gold Foil PVC Stickers. The paper-based ones are uncoated, a little more matte, with a hue closer to pure gold. It shimmers subtly at different angles under the light and is rough to the touch.

Properties of Sand Gold Paper Stickers

Rough Texture

Paper stickers are uncoated and are rough to the touch.



Inks are Scratch-resistant with fingernails on medium to heavy pressure.

Shimmery Surface

Has a pearlescent shimmer under the light, together with a rich golden-yellow undertone.


Is writable with most writing materials; i.e. pencils, colour pencils, ball-point pens, gel pens, oil-based ink pens.


All coloured artworks will have a yellowish undertone to the printout; i.e. all blues will appear slightly greenish once printed, as our toners are translucent.


All printouts do not smudge when rubbed by your fingertips.

Usage Suggestions

Festive Season

Sand Gold stickers go well with the Chinese New Year Festive celebration. Label your festive products with this sticker material to bring in all the good luck! Huat ah!


Because of its bright yellow colour, Sand Gold material is suitable for branding, make your brand stand out with this sticker material!


Decorate your items with Sand Gold material! Beautify the look of ordinary items.

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