Gold Foil PVC sticker, square shape

 Gold Foil PVC Sticker 

 Suitable for Printing Cosmetics & Essential Oils Product Labels

 Click here for Gold Foil PVC Stickers. 

Rectangle Shape Stickers, Silver Foil PVC Sticker Material, Safety Mark, Kiss-cut on sheet

 Silver Foil PVC Sticker 

 Suitable for Printing Computers & Electronics Product Labels

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Square Shape Stickers, Holographic Synthetic Sticker Material, Play It Loud Rock Out, Kiss-cut on sheet

Holographic Synthetic

Rectangle Shape Stickers, Synthetic (Transparent) Sticker Material, White Underlay Printing, Mission Juice for HSBC event,, Kiss-cut on sheet

Transparent Synthetic
with  White Underlay 

Custom Sticker Labels for Juice Bottles by Mission Juice
to serve HSBC Life's Product Launch - Sapphire Prestige Income

Click here for Transparent Stickers.
Click here for  White Underlay  Printing.


Rectangle Shape Stickers, Mirrorkote Sticker Material, Cookies & Tarts Bottle Sticker Labels for @beautetarts. Photo shared by @beautetarts.

 Mirrorkote Sticker 

 Custom Sticker Labels for Cookie & Tart Bottles 
 by Beaute Tarts for Teacher's Day gifts. 

 Click here for Mirrorkote Stickers. 

Square & Rectangle Shape Stickers

Square & Rectangle stickers are classic shapes, particularly good for information labels. But this doesn't have to mean they are boring - they add a touch of elegance and simplicity whenever needed.

Square stickers are also good for logos with added information, such as one's social media information.

Rectangle stickers have plenty of space that allows you to fit more information, or display longer logos and wordmarks. Their popularity is a no brainer!

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