Fluorescent Paper Stickers

1. Introduction

Fluorescent paper stickers have the brightest neon shades that most printers aren't able to emulate with printing ink. These are great for signage, caution labels, shipping labels, or basically anything that needs your attention from afar. Brands have taken advantage of neon colours in very creative ways, extending the designs even on food and beverage packaging.

Our company currently offers these stickers in three colours; orange, red and green.

2. Colour Recommendations

While it is possible for us to print all sorts of colours on these flourescent stickers, it is key to note that not all hues print out well on these coloured sheets. Below are some samples of our colour tests; so that you can have a good gauge of which colours work, and which colours don't. Do note that we do not offer white ink printing for these flourescent sticker papers, only CMYK.

The left column are the pre-press files. The right column are photos of the stickers being printed.


>>> C:0, M:100, Y:100, K:0


>>> C:100, M:100, Y:100, K:100
>>> C:100, M:0, Y:0, K:100


>>> C:100, M:0, Y:0, K:0
>>> C:0, M:50, Y:50, K:50

3. Properties

The neon-colours of the stickers are visible from a long distance, making them very suitable for temporary signage; e.g. safe-distancing stickers, fragile labels on freight and luggage etc.

Capable of withstanding minor condensation, the prints will never smudge - not even if totally soaked! No more worrying about ink running and staining your products, even if your stickers happen to get wet - your branding stays intact!

Inks are scratchproof with fingernails on medium to heavy pressure.


Unprinted areas on Florescent stickers have a smooth matte surface, which is highly suitable for writing with ballpoint pens and markers - just give the ink a few seconds to dry!

Being made from paper, these fluorescent stickers are a more environmentally friendly choice and cause less harm to the environment! These stickers look amazing too - you will surely impress all your customers with your custom labels!

These fluorescent stickers are cost-effective as well, making them particularly suitable for short-term event usage - particularly for shipping labels, a weekend conference, a night's dinner and dance, or a child's birthday party - or for all your bulk product packaging needs - expiry dates, product names, brands, whatever you need!

4. Inspiration Board

Kraft Beer Bottles

Ziplock Bag
Vodka Label
Coffee Beans
Canned Energy Drinks
Caution Label
This Side Up
Weight Capacity Label
Creative Merchandise
Paid Stickers