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Temporary Tattoo Sticker Material

(Limited Supply! Check with us for Stock Availability!)
Minimum 48hrs Lead Time, Read Here. Also, please read "Before You Order".

Important Notice: Regarding Temporary Tattoo Material

11 Aug 2023:
Our Temp Tattoos are back in stock again in Limited Supply! But... Please read on:
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Most of our printed products can be completed within 24hrs. However, for Temp Tattoos, the Lead Time is at least 48hrs or more*. To ensure that this material works well for our customers, in some cases, we may only print a small batch for our customers to try out first before proceeding to print the rest of the order. This process may take at least a week or more (not 24hrs) and hence, may not be suitable for some customers who need the Temp Tattoos printed urgently within a week (or days).

Because Temp Tattoo material works differently compared to other regular sticker materials, we can only offer this material in Uncut Sticker Sheets (your own DIY cutting) or Die-cut (subject to availability*). This material is Transparent-based and may require White Ink Printing*.

We hope to progressively improve the production process for our Temporary Tattoos so that our customers can enjoy faster Lead Time in the future.

If you're interested, you may Contact Us here and we'll give further advice for your order.

We are working hard to update this page (and our website) to provide you with the most up-to-date information possible, we apologise for any outdated information regarding our printed products.

*depending on the requirements (Click here for more details)

Temporary Tattoo Material with White Ink Printing, DIY Cut.

In case we ran out of stock, our customers usually print Holographic Stickers instead, it's beautiful and attractive, and definitely, a good alternative to consider when our Temporary Tattoo is unavailable!

Introduction to Temporary Tattoo Stickers

We now offer a service that lets you print Custom Temporary Tattoos that are fun and unique additions to any occasion! These Temporary Tattoos are excellent for private parties, weddings, large-scale concerts and festivals, as well as a means of spreading awareness for social causes. Temporary Tattoos are also a hot favourite amongst athletes and spectators willing to sport their favourite games’ motifs, players and more!

Properties of Temporary Tattoo Stickers


Our Temp Tattoos are made of a Transparent-based Water Slide material.

Easy Application

Easy to apply to the skin, check out our application video for instructions!

Lasting on the Skin

Last from 3 to 7 days* after application depending on how well it is maintained.

*subject to end-user activity and amount of external contact on Temp Tattoo.

Safe and Non-toxic

Safe for application on the skin. Non-toxic and certified to meet safety standards.

(Note: However if you experience skin allergies, please discontinue immediately)

Easy to Remove

Non-permanent and easy to remove! Simply use baby oil or rubbing alcohol.

Method 1: With Wet Towel / Cloth

  1. Remove the protective Transparent Sheet. Make sure that the area of the application (skin) is clean and dry before application. Use cotton pads and alcohol to remove any trace of oil / lotion / dirt from the skin.
  2. Place the Temp Tattoo face down onto the desired area and press firmly to set the position.
  3. Place a wet towel / cloth firmly onto the backing paper, until the water soaks up the entire Temp Tattoo.
  4. Press and hold firmly for 30 seconds and then gently slide the backing paper off.
  5. Enjoy your Temp Tattoo!

Method 2: Running Water / Spray Bottle (Suitable for outdoor events)

The same steps as the above, but for step 3, wet the Temp Tattoo under running water or with a spray bottle.

Extra Notes:

  1. Always hold the Temp Tattoo by the edge.
  2. Once the Transparent Sheet is removed, and the Temp Tattoo is pasted on the skin, do not attempt to peel off and change position.
  3. Do not touch the Temp Tattoo surface after the Transparent Sheet is removed.
  4. Even though peeling off the backing paper works too, we recommend sliding off the backing paper.

The Temp Tattoo may not apply properly or loss it's adhesiveness if the above is not followed.

Removing the Temp Tattoos

  1. You may use Baby Oil or Rubbing Alcohol, pour some onto a cloth or towel.
  2. Rub onto the Temp Tattoo until it slowly comes off. (Tip: Rub from the edge)
  3. Apply more Baby Oil or Rubbing Alcohol if needed.

Temp Tattoo or Tattoo Set only

1) Temp Tattoo = 1 Design/pc, cutting options:
i) Die-cut (Recommended) OR
ii) A3 Uncut Sheets

2) Tattoo Set = Multiple Designs/pc, available in A3 Uncut Sheets only. No cutting at all.
(we need to see your Artwork for an accurate quote)

Lead Time is 48hrs or More 

Kindly note that the Lead Time for Temp Tattoos is at least 48hrs or more depending on the requirements.

We may not be able to fulfil urgent orders in time. (Read here for more details)

A3 Uncut Sheets by Default

Printing comes in A3 Uncut Sheets by default. We'll let you know how many sheets you need to print based on the amount of Temp Tattoos you need. There will be no cutting at all.

Die-cut option is also possible for Temp Tattoo only but is subject to availability.

No Cutting for Temp Tattoo Set

Temp Tattoo Set will not have any cutting at all as we are unable to kiss-cut the Individual Design within the Tattoo Set.

Transparent Border & Background

Our Temp Tattoos will come with a Transparent background and a 3mm border. This helps the Temp Tattoo to last longer.

Translucent Printing by Default

Printing is Translucent by default, all White Areas will appear Transparent. White Printing is required for the White to be visible.


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