Holographic PVC Sticker for EZ-Link cards.

 Holographic PVC Sticker 

 Scratch-resistant surface. 

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EZ-Link Stickers

EZ-Link stickers are one of the most popular methods of customizing EZ-link cards. With how ubiquitous the cards are, these card stickers are sure to be a hit with everyone, ensuring that they will have fond memories of your event!

Do note that EZ-Link card stickers are always individually cut exactly to size, and are suitable if you actually need to give them out or sell them. PVC material is highly recommended for card stickers, owing to their durability and thickness, allowing them to withstand daily usage!

Need to print some EZ-Link stickers in Singapore to customise your EZ-Link Cards? No problem! Just simply email us your artwork and we can get them printed from as fast as 15mins up to 24hrs!

Need to print some EZ-Link stickers in Singapore? Drop us an email for a consultation with our printing experts.