Order Form - Stickers (Temporary Tattoos)

Step 1: Get a Quote! (Stickers - Temporary Tattoos)
(Printable size - 400mm x 277mm)

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Stickers Forms:

Temp Tattoo Form:

This form is intended for users who wish to enquire about Temporary Tattoos. If you need to enquiry about our Sticker Products, please use one of our Sticker forms (Simplified / Advanced) instead.

If the form isn't working, feel free to email us directly at order@onedayprint.com.sg with the answers to the questions below.
You will receive a copy of the completed form via email after submission.
Please ensure that your email is correct! We will respond to enquiries same-day on weekdays (cutoff time 6pm daily).
Optional! If you want us to call you after we send our email response, please indicate so in the comments section.
If you selected "Others", please specify your requirements in the box below.
If your answer to the above is "No":
1) We're sorry to inform that we can't print without a 3mm Transparent Border and a Transparent Background.
2) You'll have to look for another printing provider.
1) By default, the printing will be Translucent, all White Areas will come out as Transparent.
2) If you need the White to be visible you will require White Ink Printing.
3) If you need the Colours printed to be Opaque, you may require Full White Overlay Printing.
4) The Black Colour is unaffected.
E.g. 50mm diameter, 70mm X 40mm, etc. (Printable Area up to 400mm x 277mm)
(Size inclusive of a 3mm all-round Transparent Border)

1) We recommend keeping the size to around 50mm x 50mm as it is more manageable.
2) Recommend Minimum Size: 25mm x 25mm.
3) If you are printing Tattoo Sets, please indicate the Overall Size of each set.

For Reference: (3cm = 30mm), (4.5cm = 45mm), (25cm = 250mm),
a 20 cent coin (Changi Airport Design) is about 2.1cm or 21mm.
E.g. 10pcs, 100pcs, 500pcs of Temp Tattoos, 3 Artwork X 100 Temp Tattoos each, etc.
For Tattoo Sets, let us know how many sets you need.
1) Die-cut option may not be readily available, we'll confirm via email.
2) For Die-cut, the Square or Rectangle shapes will be in Rounded Corners.
3) If Die-cut is unavailable, we will offer A3 Uncut Sheets, you'll have to DIY-cut. We will review your Artwork and confirm the amount of Uncut Sheets you need.
4) For DIY-cut, the Layout will be done by us. Please refrain from doing your own Layout as it may complicate the ordering process.
5) We will add a 3mm all-round Transparent Border to your Artwork. This is to help the Temp Tattoo last longer after application.
6) Tattoo Set only available for DIY-cut.

Thank you for your understanding.
1) Most of our printed products can be completed within 24hrs. However, for Temp Tattoos, the Lead Time is at least 48hrs or more depending on your requirements.
2) In some cases, we may only print a small batch for you to try out first before proceeding to print the rest of the order. This process may take at least a week or more (not 24hrs)
3) We'll advise if we can fulfil your order in time after reviewing the requirements via email.

You may read here for more information.
Local 6-digit postal code only
1) If you are sending us your Artwork via Google Drive or Dropbox, you may paste the links in this box.
2) You will receive a copy of your completed form via email after clicking the "Submit!" button. You may reply directly to that email to send us your Artwork (for files 25MB and below).
Please read "Step 2: Sending us your artwork for more details".

Step 2: Sending us your artwork

We currently do not support file upload through our website.
Kindly send us your artwork via email: order@onedayprint.com.sg (file size limit is less than 25MB) 😉

For files larger than 25MB, we recommend sending them via wetransfer.

You may also upload your files to your Google Drive or Dropbox account and email us the download links.
For Google Drive, kindly grant us access by adding: odpstaff1@gmail.com if your file is Restricted.

We accept only the following file formats:

  • PDF
  • AI (Adobe Illustrator)
  • PSD (Adobe Photoshop)
  • JPG / JPEG

Minimum resolution 300 DPI, preferably 400 DPI if the design contains any small text.
Please convert your artwork to PDF format
if your artwork is an MS Office file (DOC, PPT, XLS, Publisher).
(However, if you are unsure or need help, send us what you have and we'll take a look and advise you on the next step.) 🙂

You may also read more about the Artwork Specifications on the following pages:
General Artwork | Stickers | Name Cards | Digital Prints

Step 3: Artwork Confirmation & Payment

Our Printing Expert will respond to you regarding your order. (Pricing, Artwork Issues, etc)
Once the Artwork is confirmed, we'll send you the payment details.

Step 4 & 5: Printing & Collection / Delivery

Once we have received your payment, we will proceed to print your order!
Once your order is ready, you'll receive a confirmation email to Collect at our shop or Delivery to your address.