Hanger Shape Stickers, Mirrorkote Sticker Material, Individual-cut

Hanger Shape
Mirrorkote Sticker

Fan Shape Stickers, Gold Foil PVC Sticker Material, Kiss-cut on sheet

 Fan Shape 
 Gold Foil PVC Sticker 

Dinosaur Shape Stickers, Synthetic Sticker Material, Die-cut

 Dinosaur Shape 
 Synthetic Sticker 

Find out more about the sticker shapes we print, along with artwork tips

Find out more about the various sticker shapes we offer! Round, Oval, Square, and Rectangle! Need a Custom-shape? We are able to help too! With so many sticker shapes to choose from, there's definitely a sticker shape that suits your needs! Urgently need to replenish the sticker labels of your products in Singapore? No problem! Submit This Form with your Artwork and we can get them printed as fast as within 24hrs!

Sticker Shapes we offer:

Standard Shape Stickers:

Standard Shape stickers are what we usually recommend to our customers, they are usually much faster and easier to produce as there is usually no customisation of the cutting template. It is also usually the most economical option. Click on the various Standard Shapes to find out more.

Custom-shape Stickers:

Custom-shape stickers are special shape stickers requested by our customers, the shape is usually unique and requires a custom cutting template to produce. Perfect for customers who need to print in a certain shape for their events, marketing, or packaging needs. For some, the custom-shape sticker is needed as an interface for their machinery or equipment. Click on Custom-shape stickers or Custom Sticker Sets to find out more.

Interesting Custom-shape Stickers we printed so far:

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