Custom Labels / Sticker Printing in Singapore

Mirrorkote Paper Sticker Material

Price Guide for Sticker Printing

Our stickers are competitively priced, especially if you need customised sticker printing in small quantities. We offer the fastest and possibly cheapest sticker printing service in Singapore!

A satisfied customer once commented :
" The cutting is a little costly, but I could not find a cheaper sticker printing in Singapore unless I printed at least 1,000 pieces. Well, I just didn't need that many stickers for my wedding! So I was very glad and amazed to find that your sticker printing company does not have a minimum order quantity for stickers. "

The best part is, our super-fast sticker printing takes only 15 minutes up to 1 working day (24 hours) upon confirmation of artwork and receipt of payment!

How we calculate the price for your sticker printing orders

Explanation : Processing Fee + Price X Quantity = Total costs

Example : You need 300 pieces of 35mm diameter Round stickers printed :

Processing Fee $9.80
+ $0.107 per sticker X 300 pieces
= Total Costs : S$41.90 (Simple and straightforward!)

We print stickers of ANY shapes and ANY sizes! (up to A3, 420x297mm)

If the custom shape or sticker size that you want is not listed below, please drop us an email NOW for a free and fast customised sticker printing quotation!

Email :

Our helpful team will respond to your enquiries within 5 minutes to 24 hours max!

Round & Oval Sticker Printing

SizeShapeProcessing FeeUnit Price
35mm diameterRound shape$9.80$0.107/sticker
50mm diameterRound shape$9.80$0.200/sticker
60mm x 40mmOval Shape$9.80$0.177/sticker
70mm x 50mmOval Shape$9.80$0.281/sticker

Square & Rectangle Sticker Printing

SizeShapeProcessing FeeUnit Price
35mm x 35mmSquare shape$7.80$0.076/sticker
50mm x 50mmSquare shape$7.80$0.127/sticker
50mm x 25mmRectangular shape$7.80$0.075/sticker
80mm x 40mmRectangular shape$7.80$0.160/sticker

Square & Rectangle (Rounded Corners) Sticker Printing

SizeShapeProcessing FeeUnit Price
35mm x 35mmSquare shape$9.80$0.107/sticker
50mm x 50mmSquare shape$9.80$0.200/sticker
50mm x 25mmRectangular shape$9.80$0.119/sticker
80mm x 40mmRectangular shape$9.80$0.234/sticker

Custom-Shaped Sticker Printing

SizeShapeProcessing FeeUnit Price
40mm x 40mmCustom shape$12.00$0.161/sticker
60mm x 30mmCustom shape$12.00$0.170/sticker
70mm x 40mmCustom shape$12.00$0.264/sticker

EZ-Link Sticker Printing

SizeShapeProcessing FeeUnit Price
85.5mm x 54mmEZ-Link card shape$9.80$0.227/sticker

A4 / A3 Uncut Sticker Sheet Printing

If you need only a few stickers printed, we recommend that you collate your designs on an A4 / A3 canvas then send the artwork file to us for A4 / A3 sticker printing. After that, simply DIY cut the stickers on your own for maximum savings (no cutting charges!)

SizeProcessing FeeUnit Price (1-49pcs)Unit Price (50-99pcs)Unit Price (100-199pcs)Unit Price (>200pcs)
A4$3.00 per A4 artwork$1.10/pc (Minimum 2pcs)$1.10/pc$1.00/pc$0.85/pc
A3$3.00 per A3 artwork$2.20/pc$2.00/pc$1.70/pc$1.60/pc

Enquiries / Request for Quotation

Need a customised quotation tailored specially to your sticker printing needs?

Contact us now via E-mail at

When requesting a quotation, kindly provide the following specific details :

1. Sticker size: Width X Height, in mm or cm
2. Sticker die-cut shape: Rectangular, square, round, oval or custom shape
3. Purpose of stickers:
i) What will the stickers be used for?
(E.g. For product branding, to list ingredients, to seal bags, cover printing errors, etc)
ii) Where are the stickers to be pasted on?
(E.g. Pasting on a cardboard box, on the back of the phone, on the glass jar, on lipstick tube, etc)
4. Order quantity
5. Please attach your sticker artwork file for printing:
Accepted file formats are JPG, PDF, PSD and AI
Minimum resolution 300 DPI, preferably 400 DPI

Or, simply fill up this order form! 🙂

Please ensure that your email is correct! We will respond to sticker enquiries same-day on weekdays (cutoff time 6pm daily).
Optional! If you want us to call you after we send our email response, please indicate so in the comments section.
If you selected "Others", please specify your requirements in the box below.
If you had selected "Others", kindly let us know your requirements in the box below
E.g. 50mm diameter, 70mm X 40mm, etc
E.g. 10 pieces of stickers, 100 stickers, 500 stickers, 3 artworks X 100 stickers each, etc
Local 6-digit postal code only

Sticker printing has never been easier!

Did you know that most of the stickers you see around you are Mirrorkote sticker material? Now you do! It's for good reason too - inexpensive yet attractive, it's no wonder they are used virtually everywhere you can think of - and you can too!

Why Choose Us?

We are probably the #1 Express Sticker Printing in Singapore! Sticker printing has really never been easier, faster or cheaper - and we are ready to help anyone and everyone create the perfect stickers they need! We promise that our super-speed, fantastic customer service, and awesome sticker quality will be sure to leave you satisfied and looking forward to printing more and more stickers!

We are fast too - and by fast, we mean 15 minutes to 24 hours. You read that right - no more waiting for several days or even weeks just to get your stickers! Only one day, or less, is all we need to produce printed stickers, without compromising quality in the least. However urgently you may need your stickers, all you need to do is let us know when, and we will do everything we can to assist you! Never worry about urgent deadlines again!

What can I do with these stickers?

We provide customised sticker printing in Singapore. Our sticker printing services is one of the fastest and easiest marketing tools available, whether you are an independent startup from your own home or an established global corporation. The combination of an amazing product and outstanding packaging is a surefire way of not only attracting customers but retaining them too.

Sticker labels are perfect for your products without having to go through the hassle of custom-printing every single box or bottle, especially if you need to test only a small quantity or need them done urgently. Our sticker printing capabilities ensure you can get however little or many stickers you may need, all within just one day!

  • School Events / Functions

    Use Mirrorkote stickers for all your school events / functions: Commemorate special occasions such as Racial‌ Harmony Day, National‌ Day and Children's Day with colourful printed stickers that are sure to get students excited and give them something to remember; customised stickers for subject weeks and or events like an Arts Week, printing express stickers for Singapore's National Day, CCA Open‌ House or E-Learning, incentivising students further; or even to be sold during fundraisers for CCAs and charities, making these stickers something unique and memorable to be kept.

  • Trade Events & Road Shows

    You can give out stickers at your trade events and roadshows too, as a simple yet incredibly effective way of marketing your brand! Small and handy, they are not only perfect for guests and attendees to keep and remember your brand by, but also easier to store and keep compared to larger marketing collaterals.

  • Weddings

    Your wedding is going to be one of the most special days of your whole life, so let us help you make it even more special and amazing! We understand how busy it can get - everything has to be perfect down to the smallest detail, and that includes wedding favours to show your guests how happy you are that they are there! Jazz up these tokens of appreciation with a personalised sticker, truly making it something unique and memorable to take home. You may also need stickers to decorate wedding props - perhaps table numbers or the reception desk, and these Mirrorkote stickers are perfect for them too! Whether it's a small, intimate affair with your closest family and friends, or a lavish banquet with hundreds of guests, whatever your budget may be, we have the perfect solution for you!

  • Birthday Parties

    Make birthdays a little more fun and exciting with cute stickers featuring popular characters! They will be sure to put a smile on any child's face - after all, which kid wouldn't be excited to get a goodie bag that has been decorated with a character they love?
    That's not all too - you may be looking to decorate all the props, and what better than Mirrorkote stickers! Just paste them wherever you need to, and then take them down at the end of the day, easy peasy! Though inexpensive, they are bright and attractive, making them perfect for parties and gifts - children will definitely love them.
    It also doesn't matter how many guests you might have - we will always be able to print however many or few stickers you will need. Make that birthday a little more special which the kid would be excited to receive!
    Or, personalise your child's birthday celebration and make them stand out by giving a cute sticker of your child or their favourite cartoon characters on a goodie bag - something for your guests to bring home and remember your child's wonderful birthday celebration.

  • Commemoration

    Commemorate holidays and celebrations in Singapore by printing stickers, whether you are labelling festive products or sending gifts! Be it a jar of kueh for Hari Raya, a tin of goodies for Chinese New Year, sweet treats for Deepavali, or presents for Christmas, you'll be able to print the perfect stickers for them and ring in the festivities! You can even add a little personalised touch to your money packets with a custom sticker, making them just a little more special! Our stickers are 100% printed, manufactured and packed locally. We are the fastest sticker printing service in Singapore! Sticker printing has never been easier!

  • EZ-Link Stickers

    In fact, one of the easiest ways to do this is with EZ-link stickers - perfectly ubiquitous, easily used by nearly anyone, and 100% customizable with whatever you might want to print, be it your logo or the latest event!

  • Decoration

    That is not all - stickers have plenty of other uses as well, even if you are not running your own business. Use them for decorating your personal belongings - your phone, laptop, water bottle, whatever you would like to jazz up with your very own stickers. Turn your own drawings into stickers for sale or gifts, or perhaps print stickers of your favourite K-pop idols as fan support during concerts and events.

Why Mirrorkote?

  • Mirrorkote stickers are cost-effective as well, making them particularly suitable for short-term event usage - perhaps a weekend conference, a night's dinner and dance, or a child's birthday party - or for all your bulk product packaging needs - expiry dates, product names, brands, Singapore address, whatever you need!
  • Even with a low price tag, quality is not compromised. You can expect vibrantly coloured stickers on beautiful gloss-coated paper.
  • This makes them particularly suitable for short-term event usage - perhaps a weekend conference, a night's dinner and dance, or a child's birthday party - or for all your bulk product packaging needs - expiry dates, product names, brands, Singapore address, whatever you need!
  • We know student budgets especially can be strict, so Mirrorkote stickers with their low cost yet vibrant colours and high print quality are the best choices! What's even better - no minimum quantity, allowing you to print as many or few stickers as you need; and our super-fast printing speed ensures that you will always get your stickers on time for any event!
  • That is not all either - we offer both kiss-cut and die-cut stickers. What is that you may ask? Kiss-cut stickers come in sheets - absolutely perfect for branding and packaging when you need to peel lots of stickers and paste them on products at any one time! Die-cut stickers come in individual pieces, which are fantastic if you need to distribute the stickers or sell them! Still unsure? Please do not worry, we are here to help you! Just let us know what you are using the stickers for, and we will recommend the easiest way to get your stickers printed, then delivered to anywhere in Singapore, including Sentosa!
  • We have a huge range of sizes available for your needs! Any size up to A3 is perfectly doable - yes, any size! We offer more than just common, standard sizes, so just ask away. Even if you are not sure of the best size, our helpful team will do their best to assist you and make sure that you get the most suitable stickers.
  • Any shape is doable as well - whether you need classic round, square or rectangular stickers, or something a little more unique like logo and character outlines, we will be able to cut them. All you need to do is send us artwork to check and let us know what shape they have to be.
  • Being made from paper, Mirrorkote stickers are environmentally friendly as well, so you can print as many stickers as you need without fear of harm to the environment!
  • While the paper may be glossy, it is perfectly writable. Just use a ballpoint pen or oil-based marker to write and wait a couple of seconds (but not a gel pen or water-based marker, those are trickier)! The ink won't smudge afterwards - not even if you try to rub it!
  • Although they are not waterproof, they can withstand mild condensation. Don't worry about the print smudging and running if wet though - we guarantee that they are 100% smudge-proof, even if the sticker is completely soaked.
  • Stickers are wet but the print is unaffected.
  • Capable of withstanding minor condensation, the prints will never smudge - not even if totally soaked! No more worrying about the ink running and staining, even if your stickers happen to get wet - your branding stays intact!
  • With that said, this also means that the stickers can be written on without fear of ink smudging. Just use any standard ballpoint pen or marker and write away - but do let the ink dry for a couple of seconds.
  • The glossy sheen of Mirrorkote stickers means that when colours are printed on them, they will look bright and vibrant! Running a business in Singapore? Your products are bound to stand out and attract customers! School event? Kids will definitely love these! Whatever you need them for, they'll be a hit!
  • These stickers look amazing too - you will surely impress all your customers with your custom labels!

Who usually comes to us?

  • Whether you are just starting out with your own home bakery, or have been running your business for years, our Mirrorkote stickers will serve as a cost-effective yet beautiful way to label your products.
  • Not to mention that Mirrorkote stickers are, without a doubt, the most popular stickers for branding baked goods. Their low price point plus attractive colours combine to give you an easy way for your brand to stand out from the crowd. Worry less about your branding, and breathe easier as you work on baking the best cakes, cookies and more!
  • Owing to the smooth, flat and dry surfaces of boxes, they are ideal for Mirrorkote stickers to adhere securely to. Seal boxes shut to ensure that they are secure and that they aren't tampered with, label your products with all necessary ingredients and information to ensure your customers know everything that they need to about your amazing products, indicate any expiry dates, or as a logo without going through the hassle and costs of custom-printing boxes! Of course, that's not all - go ahead and use the stickers in any way you want!
  • Sticker labels are perfect for your products without having to go through the hassle of custom-printing every single box or bottle, especially if you need to test only a small quantity or need them done urgently. Our sticker printing capabilities ensure you can get however little or many stickers you may need, all within just one day!
  • Besides that, Mirrorkote stickers are a fantastic way to label all your takeaway boxes and containers - they will definitely stand out, and help your customers remember you while they munch!
  • Expiry date stickers in compliance with rules and regulations set out by the Singapore Food Agency; accurate ingredient and nutrition fact labels to keep your beloved customers well informed of all the nutrients and goodness that your products boast; Halal certification stickers to promote respect for religious Muslims; colourful and attractive cookie tin and cookie packaging stickers that will bring joy to any festive events; beautiful cake box printed stickers that help your clients remember your brand as they savour your culinary creations; customised stickers for food pouches that serve as a cost-effective and attractive way of labelling, and much more. They can even be used as jar and bottle seals, becoming a unique way to label them while securing them and ensuring they haven't been tampered with!

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