Waterproof Name Cards Printing in Singapore

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1. Origins of the Name Card

The Name Card could be dated as far back as the mid to late 19th Century Victorian era, where several decorative and elegant calling card designs were customary in extending one’s social circle with the fashionable and wealthy. Cards were laid in a special dish in hopes of granting an audience with the host.

In today’s context, we still hand out similar calling cards in hopes of potential clients or collaborators returning to connect. It is only the label that has changed. The name cards we give out thus become essentially an extension of our personal brand and products, helping us create the best first impression.

2. Introduction to Synthetic Cards

Traditionally, name card have been printed on paper, making them easily susceptible to damage. Thus, the availability of synthetic paper is a game-changer in improving the durability of the little cards that are meant to go in business jacket pockets, bottom of laptop bags, wallets, and survive even a wash in the laundry! Coffee and food spills will no longer be a worry for the people giving out these cards over corporate lunches.

What makes synthetic paper so durable to be used as name cards, is due to it being made of Polypropylene (PP), a type of plastic that has been manufactured into thin sheets designed to be printed upon digitally. The printed surface is smooth, matte and without any lamination. Regardless of any accidental spills, or a heavy downpour of rain outdoors, the cards can definitely withstand the harsh weather conditions, and be easily washed under a tap, and wiped dry with a lint-free cloth.

3. How can Waterproof Name Cards help your business?

Firstly it is important to think about what you are selling, and how you intend to present yourself. How best can you use the “waterproof” property of this premium material to strengthen your brand?

Do your products work with or are made with water?
Do you work in an environment where you are consistently in contact with water?

Perhaps you are a swimming coach that needs your name cards to stay dry during networking events, or a nature photographer that specialises in capturing shots under extreme climate conditions. Whatever it is, find ways to infuse bold designs into your name cards so that they can become a conversation piece beyond the making of the first impression. As the business card is highly durable and waterproof, perhaps consider unconventional shapes of name cards that give a it a bonus utility value for your potential client. This would definitely set you apart from any other business adopting the standard format of name card printing!

Even in the digital age, the name card remains as a timeless personal marketing tool that offers the immediate opportunity to make an impression.

4. User’s Safety

It is key to note that the card is 0.25mm thick, has the same translucency as the regular office 80gsm paper, as well as sharp pointed edges on all four corners. For safety reasons, we highly recommend our clients to go for the rounded-corner designs to ensure a pleasant card exchange experience.

Kindly contact us for an accurate quote at order@onedayprint.com.sg!

5. Lead Time

Synthetic paper being much more premium than the regular art cards require a more complex work-flow on our production side. Thus, it is good to note that every synthetic name card order has a minimum lead time of 24hrs.

6. Pricing

Generally, we will charge 2x the price of our regular art card quote for single sided name cards, and 1.5x the price for double-sided name cards. In addition to that, there is a charge for having the cards trimmed for round corners at $8/box i.e. $8/100pcs for safety reasons.

For 100 cards,

  • B&W 1 side, straight corner, artcard : $12
  • B&W 2 side, straight corner, artcard : $12 + $12 = $24
  • B&W 1 side but round corners, plastic card : $12 x 2 = $24, plus round corners $8 = $32
  • B&W 2 sides, but round corners, plastic card : $24 X 1.5 = $36, plus round corners $8 = $44


This particular material may be much more durable than our usual 300gsm paper-based name cards, but the translucency of this card is quite high. As a guauge, we would say that the level of translucency is very close to the translucency of the everyday office printing 80gsm cartridge paper. This is something to take note of if you intend to print your name cards double-sided.

7. Summary of Prices for Synthetic Name Cards

Printing Grayscale


Printing Colour/ 4C

For a detailed quotation, and if you are interested in printing other variants of synthetic cardstock products, do email us at order@onedayprint.com.sg.

8. Inspiration Board / Usage Suggestions

Marine Biologist

Vintage Illustration by Maura Reed

Nature Conservators
Water Sports
Nature Photographer
Bottled/Distilled Water
Beach Resorts
Fishing Industry
Beer/Liquor Industry
Cleaning Services
Lab Technicians/Researchers
Floor Tiles
Water Conservation