Do you have a Minimum Order or Surcharge?
Yes, we do have a Minimum Order for certain items.
For Uncut Sticker Sheets, the Minimum Order is 1pc A3 Uncut Sheet, or 2pcs A4 Uncut Sheets
For Temporary Tattoos, the Minimum Order is 1pc A3 Uncut Sheet.
For Name Cards, the Minimum Order is 1 box (100pcs).
For Digital Prints, Click here to find out more.

Also to note, as of April 2022, we have started implementing a surcharge of $10.00 for each item under $35.00, this is to keep up with rising production and overhead costs. Items above $35 are not affected at all - we are doing our utmost best to avoid raising our prices amidst inflation. We do not charge GST. 😅 Thank you for your continued support! 🙇

I'm a returning customer. How do I reprint my order? 
Send us your request by replying to the email thread of your previous order. After payment and confirmation, we will commence printing! You may also use the Order Forms or find our Email here.

Do you offer discounts if I am a returning customer / order a large quantity?
We offer discounts on a case-by-case basis. However, note that generally, each sticker's unit price (cost per piece) remains the same regardless of quantity.

Can I walk into your office instead of emailing?
I'm out now, and I happen to be nearby, can I come in to print on the spot?

We are an Online Printing Shop and are open for the Collection of Online Orders only. We are unable to accept Walk-in Orders. Your enquiries are important to us, we have prepared Order Forms here to fast-track your enquiries process.

How fast will I get my prints?
We'll respond to your enquiries in as fast as 15 minutes up to 24 hours from Monday to Friday. Once your Artwork is confirmed and Payment is received, the printing will be completed within the next 24 hours depending on availability.

While we do have the capability to print within 24 hours, it also depends on the printing requirements and Artwork sent to us. Also, how soon the order confirmation and payment are received.

Printing will be faster IF:
1) Artwork is up to the Printing Requirement and without any issues.
2) Artwork is confirmed promptly and no further changes are required
3) Order details and requirements are standard (e.g. Standard Shape Stickers, Kiss-cut only)
4) Payment is received promptly.

Printing will be delayed IF:
1) Artwork has issues, (low res, editing or adjustment needed, etc).
2) Artwork has not been confirmed and there are changes to the Artwork.
3) Order details and requirements are complex (e.g. Custom-shape Stickers, Die-cut required)
4) There is a delay in payment, as we commence printing only after receiving payment.

Most of our printing can be done within 24 hours, however, there are some exceptions. Click here to find out more.

What kind of items do you print (or not print)?
We print Stickers, Name Cards, and Digital Prints (on Art Card or Art Paper materials).
You may also refer to here for a list of things we do not print.

I need this urgently, can you print it?
If you need an order to be printed urgently, we need the following details before we can proceed further, please send us:

1) Artwork,
2) Shape (for stickers),
3) Size,
4) Quantity,
5) Material Choice

You may also fill in the forms here.

We'll review the details and let you know if it's possible. Please note that Urgent Printing Charges will apply.
We're unable to provide a quote if the above are not provided. Any lack of details will cause delay.

Sticker Issues

I don't know what size the sticker should be. Can I bring it in to be measured?
We would recommend that you do the measurement on your end, as additional fees are charged for measurement. You can use a piece of string and a ruler / soft measuring tape to measure the size needed, draw it out on a piece of paper, cut it out, and hold it against your item to see if the size is suitable for you. 🙂

Can my stickers be pasted on (surface)?

In order to have your stickers adhere securely, always ensure that the surface is dry & clean and free from dirt & dust. For curved objects, such as bottles and jars, ensure that the surface is a smooth, even curve (eg not tapered at one end, or spheres - these will cause wrinkles on the stickers).
Generally, smooth, non-porous textures are suitable for stickers. Foam, silicone, non-woven cloth etc. are not sticker-friendly surfaces. Although the stickers can still be pasted, they will be easily peeled off due to the weaker adhesive hold.
If unsure, just drop us an email! Our helpful team is always happy to assist!

Can you print custom sizes? 
Yes, we can! Any size up to A3 (420mm x 297mm) can be printed - all you have to do is let us know the size that you need.

Can I get a sample of my sticker before printing in bulk?
We do not print samples prior to mass printing. However, we will send you a digital copy of the final artwork for your approval, and highlight issues, if any. Do rest assured that printing only takes place after you have approved and confirmed the artwork!

Can you mail sticker samples of the material to me?
We do not mail samples either, but please feel free to drop by our shop to collect samples for testing before committing to the order.

Artwork Issues

I don't have any software. Can you design something for me?
We are able to provide a design service, charges apply depending on the complexity.
(Click here for the applicable charges.)

However, we highly recommend the website / app Canva, which is free to use and offers thousands of templates that you can use!
Many of our clients who are first-time users, without prior design experience, have been able to come up with beautiful, professional designs in less than 30 minutes using Canva. It also allows designs to be saved in Print PDF, ie high-resolution PDFs perfect for printing.
For simple, text-based designs, using Word or Powerpoint is also acceptable. We will just need you to save all designs in PDF format, regardless of the program used.

I only have a hard copy. Can you print from that?
Could you scan and print this for me?
We cannot reproduce a high-quality print unless we have the soft copy, or recreate it digitally. We can however print from a scanned copy but do note that the quality will not be as good as if it were from an actual soft copy.

As we no longer accept walk-ins, we highly recommend you use a Scanner app to scan your hard copy Artwork. Be sure to avoid any glare or reflection when scanning with the app on your mobile devices. Otherwise, we can recreate the artwork at a fee, Click here for the applicable charges.

What file formats do you accept?
We accept AI, PDF, PSD, JPG and PNG, at a minimum resolution of 300dpi, with 400dpi preferred.
For all other file formats, eg DOC and PPT, please save them as a PDF first, which ensures that all text and elements will be accurately rendered.

Why don't my printed colours look the same as the artwork on my computer or phone screen?

Colours on screen devices are displayed using RGB (red, green, and blue) light - typically making them appear much brighter and able to recreate more colours than are available using CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) printing. Different screens may also display the same colour slightly differently.
While we will always try our best to make sure the colours printed are as accurate as possible, we suggest using generally darker shades if you're unsure. These are easier to reproduce in print, instead of neon colours. If you are creating your artwork using professional software such as Photoshop or Illustrator, kindly change the colour mode to CMYK and use CMYK colours instead.

Do you provide a receipt or invoice?
Yes, we do! We have an invoice system capable of generating comprehensive, IRAS-compliant invoices that include the following details:

1) Our company name - Leung Ping Graphic & Printing (OneDayPrint),
2) address - 445 Tampines Street 42, #01-08, Singapore 520445,
3) phone - +65 6788 2039,
4) website - www.onedayprint.com.sg,
5) email,
6) registration number,
7) invoice number,
8) date of invoice,
9) purchasing company,
10) purchasing personnel's name,
11) delivery address and number.

Are your prices inclusive of GST?
We are not GST-registered, and thus, do not charge GST. All prices quoted are nett final.

Can you print it first? I'll pay cash on Collection / Delivery.
We are sorry, but we require upfront payment before any printing commences. If you are unable to make any payment beforehand (for example, you represent a government entity), please let us know beforehand and we can make the necessary arrangements.
We cannot accept cash payment on delivery as the courier company is a third party and will not make a return trip to us.

Do you accept any other payment methods besides iBanking transfer, PayNow, or PayLah?
Yes, we do - simply let us know so that we can make the necessary arrangements. A list of payment methods that we accept can be found here on our Payment page.

Collections & Deliveries

When is the earliest I can collect my stickers (or any other orders)?
As promised, printing for stickers will be completed as fast as 15 minutes up to 24 hours after payment depending on availability. (Should you need them more urgently, please let us know and we will check for you!) As every order is unique and our print jobs run on a queue, the exact timing is not often immediately guaranteed. Click Here for Lead Time for other Printed Products.

Can you deliver my order on a specific date and time?
While the date can be chosen, please note that the timeslots are within a 4-hour range (for example, it could be 12-4pm or 2-6pm), but we cannot guarantee that your item will reach you at a specific time even if we inform the courier of any requests.
If you urgently require an item delivered by a specific time, kindly top up for express delivery, where timings are more flexible (usually within an hour from pickup). Otherwise, you can also book your own courier.
Please note that we do not offer any morning delivery timeslots, even with express delivery. The courier company we work with does not offer any timeslots in the morning.

Do you have any other locations to collect from, besides Tampines?
We are really sorry, but our office in Tampines is our sole location. Should it be too far for you, do consider opting for delivery, or perhaps have someone collect it on your behalf.

Can I arrange for my own courier?
Yes, you can.