General Information

Our PVC waterproof stickers are possibly the cheapest across the island, and with no minimum order quantity (MOQ) required. This plastic-based sticker material is more commonly used than paper-based ones, as it is waterproof, hard to tear, prints radiant colours, on top of being cost-effective!

We recommend this material for product labels that needs to withstand liquids, as well as withstanding regular temperature changes. It is a popular choice for items placed outdoors for long periods of time, such as the surfaces of vehicles and machinery.

Read Before Ordering!

In spite of advantages that come with this material, there are still some key elements to take note of.

Please read the following carefully:

(1) We have two types of PVC Waterproof stickers, one with a white base, and one with a transparent base. They both cost the same, but are used for different purposes. Most customers use the type with white background (See below). Please consider your use for the sticker and choose the type of sticker appropriately (i.e. white/transparent).

(2) Since traditional our laser printers cannot print 'white', any white spots in your manuscript will be rendered colourless. If you wish to have the 'white', then you must use the PVC sticker with white background.