To avoid unnecessary time delays caused by artwork with design flaws. Please take note of the specifications listed below, please also refer to Artwork Specifications (General) for additional details. If you still have any issues, kindly Contact Us Here, and we will do our best to assist you with your Artwork.

List of Artwork Specifications for Standard Sizes:

List of Artwork Specifications for Other Sizes:

General Guidelines:

  • Please leave a 5mm bleed for all Artwork. (Actual Size + 5mm all-round = Bleed Size)
  • Please keep any important elements such as words / images and border frames / lines be kept within the Safe Area. (Actual Size - 5mm all-round = Safe Area)
  • All Artwork Design needs to be above 300dpi to ensure good printing quality. Artwork Design with small text would need to be a minimum of 400dpi.