Round Shape Stickers, Transparent Sticker Material, Red on White Underlay Printing, Decorating the window with CNY Sticker

Transparent Sticker
with  White Underlay 

 Red on  White Underlay  Printing. 
 Decorating the window with CNY Sticker. 

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 Click here for  White Underlay  Printing. 

Round Shape Stickers, Sand Gold Paper Sticker Material, goes well with Pineapple tarts for CNY!

Sand Gold Sticker with
 White Underlay  Printing

Red on  White Underlay  Printing.
Suitable for Labelling Baked Products.

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Click here for  White Underlay  Printing.

Round Shape Stickers, Holographic PVC Sticker Material, weatherproof because of lamination, Die-cut

Holographic PVC

Weatherproof material for outdoor use.

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Round Shape Stickers, Gold Speckle Red Paper Sticker Material, White Ink Printing, no-lay, Kiss-cut on sheet

 Gold Speckle Red Sticker 
 White Ink

Round & Oval Shape Stickers

Round stickers are our most common shape printed. They can be used for virtually anything you can think of! Many logos and designs in general are served well with round stickers, centralizing the design and bringing out the best in them!

Oval stickers, while rather less common, are used when you need to add some extra information. They are also suitable for wider logos, giving you more space to show off your design should it be larger or more complex - you may even be able to add extra information there!

Urgently need to replenish the sticker labels of your products in Singapore? No problem! Just simply Submit This Form with your artwork and we can get them printed from as fast as 15mins up to 24hrs!

Need to print some Round or Oval Shape stickers in Singapore? Drop us an email for a consultation with our printing experts.