Custom Labels / Sticker Printing in Singapore

Sticker Cutting Techniques

Hanger Shape Stickers, Mirrorkote Sticker Material, Individual-cut

Hanger Shape
Mirrorkote Sticker

Fan Shape Stickers, Gold Foil PVC Sticker Material, Kiss-cut on sheet

 Fan Shape 
 Gold Foil PVC Sticker 

Dinosaur Shape Stickers, Synthetic Sticker Material, Die-cut

 Dinosaur Shape 
 Synthetic Sticker 

Kiss-cut Stickers

Label products with ease

We print Kiss-cut Stickers by default. These stickers come in whole sheets and are easy to peel, making them most suitable for labelling many items at a time. They can come in any shape and size as well, be it round, square or otherwise - even custom shapes!

Our standard sticker sheets allow for only one shape and size to be printed on a sheet, for example:
1 design of 35mm square stickers
2 designs of 50mm round stickers

But not:
50mm round and 35mm square stickers together
50mm round and 35mm round stickers together

If you need stickers of various shapes & sizes together on a sheet, those can also be done on the Custom Sticker Sets.

Individual-cut Stickers

Distribute your stickers

Individual-cut Stickers come in separate pieces, the backing will be in rectangles or squares. These stickers are perfect for sales and distribution. Some may find it easier to stack up the stickers for distribution, or peel off the stickers because of the rectangle or square backing!

Otherwise, the backing will follow the shape of the sticker exactly like Die-cut Stickers - perfect for making an impression and letting the design truly stand out on its own.

Die-cut Stickers

Individual stickers that stand out

Die-cut Stickers come in separate pieces, with the sticker backing cut exactly to the sticker shape as well, be it round, square, etc. These stickers are perfect for sales and distribution. The Die-cut shape is also perfect for making an impression and letting the design truly stand out on its own.

Stickers that fit perfectly onto your EZ-Link Cards

EZ-Link Stickers come in separate pieces, each piece is mould-cut to the size and shape of EZ-Link Cards and will fit perfectly on them - Perfect for decorating of EZ-Link Cards

Awesome swag merchandise

We offer kiss-cut Custom Sticker Sets if you require stickers of multiple designs, shapes and sizes to be printed together on a sheet. The size of the sticker sheet can be customised to your needs as well.

Need a quote? Here's what we need from you:
Due to the customisation required for every set, do note that we will need to see, at the very least, a sketch of the intended artwork before we are able to give a quote. The sizes, shapes and quantities of the stickers needed on every sheet will affect the cost.

However, rest assured that the artwork provided need not be the final piece - we understand that changes may be made! Simply an approximation of the designs would be enough for a close estimation of the costs, and we will fine-tune the quotation should there be any changes later on.

Urgently need to do Sticker Printing in Singapore?
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