Holographic Stickers

prawn holo round die-cut

An endless shimmer in the light.

Holographic stickers are plastic-based, with a metallic, iridescent surface. The rainbow effect changes according to the lighting strikes the surface, as well as the perspective of how you view the stickers.

Onedayprint offers two grades of holo-stickers; Synthetic and PVC Laminated.

Standard Grade - Holo Synthetic Stickers

The standard grade holographic stickers are basically synthetic stickers are manufactured using oil-based synthetic resins (plastic) and are made from tearproof and waterproof plastic. These stickers are our thinnest and clingiest, making them suitable for virtually anything. Their flexibility allows them to adhere to even small curved surfaces without coming loose. At the same time, synthetic stickers possess characteristics similar to that of paper, specifically its appearance and printing capabilities.

Premium Grade - Holo PVC Stickers

The more premium holographic stickers are basically PVC stickers. They are made from Synthetic sticker material before being gloss laminated.  PVC is our toughest material yet - waterproof, weatherproof, oilproof, chemicalproof, tearproof... practically covers all your bases. If you would like your stickers to last longer, you may choose to opt for the more premium grade of Holographic Stickers.

Standard Grade Properties


Synthetic stickers are made of plastic, thus making them much stronger and more durable than paper stickers, so they can be used for even more products and items you can think of!


Being plastic, Synthetic stickers are also completely waterproof - so yes, they can withstand condensation, being splashed, or even completely soaked! Go ahead and try - we guarantee that your stickers will stay safe!

Thin & flexible

Owing to the thinness of these stickers, they are the most flexible material we have! This makes them perfect for small items, since they can curve much more easily compared to other materials.


Synthetic stickers are tough and tear-resistant*, ensuring that they are able to last longer than regular paper stickers.
*Please see Extra Tips section below


Unprinted areas on Synthetic stickers have a smooth matte surface, which is highly suitable for writing with ballpoint pens and markers - just give the ink a few seconds to dry!

Irridiscent Colour

The unprinted areas on the Holographic stickers have a beautiful rainbow sheen that changes under the light, which gives your product a premium look and stand out from the crowd.

Holo Synthetic

White Ink on Holographic Stickers

White Ice Caps on holo. foil

If you would like your coloured designs to appear more vibrant and true to what appears on the computer screen, you may opt to have a white ink overprint, so that the layer of white ink sits below your designs. This ensures that the colours of your printed designs don't blend into the myraid of colours of the iridiscent sticker paper.

In the example below is a variation of how you can apply the white underlay layer (depicted in black) on the print-ready file. For this particular design, we chose to put a white ink underprint for most of the sky and the text. except for the word "pure" and the parts of the icebergs that reflect the sunlight in the image. The intention is to mimicks the reflection of snow, by only highlighting the few segments that we want to illuminate.

Aufkleber Aknederm SGP.indd
Aufkleber Aknederm SGP.indd

Usage Suggestions / Inspiration Board

EZ-Link Cards

Since Holographic stickers are PVC-based, this makes them the most ideal for EZ-Link card stickers. Gloss lamination ensures that the printing isn't affected, despite friction from frequently handling the card. The strong adhesive also makes sure that your sticker stays securely on the card, no matter how much you use it!


Cosmetic & Bottled Labels

Especially for iridescent makeup palettes and swatches, our holographic stickers would help to make your brand packaging stand out, on top of being waterproof and really durable. Moreover these plastic-based stickers are able to be applied on curved surfaces without losing adhesion, making it perfect for such products.

Laptop/Phone Accessories

Since these stickers are also waterproof, they make perfect phone/laptop accessories that can be customised to your fancies.  Being carried and used every day of our lives, many love to decorate and add a personal touch to these items. Rest assured that not only do your stickers look gorgeous, but will also last for a long time!

Illustrated Sticker

Black ink on holographic sticker

Water Bottle
Scented Candles Packaging
EZ-Link Card
Wine Bottle Label
Warranty Stickers
Nintendo Switch
Hand Cream
Vintage Design
Bakery Packaging

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Round & Oval

Square & Rectangle

Custom Shape

EZ-Link Stickers

A3/A4 Uncut Sticker Sheet

Price Guide : Holo PVC Stickers

Round & Oval

Square & Rectangle


EZ-Link Stickers

A4/A3 Sticker Sheets