Custom Labels / Sticker Printing in Singapore

Sand Gold Paper Sticker Material

Price Guide for Sticker Printing

Our stickers are competitively priced, especially if you need customised sticker printing in small quantities. We offer the fastest and possibly cheapest sticker printing service in Singapore!

A satisfied customer once commented :
" The cutting is a little costly, but I could not find a cheaper sticker printing in Singapore unless I printed at least 1,000 pieces. Well, I just didn't need that many stickers for my wedding! So I was very glad and amazed to find that your sticker printing company does not have a minimum order quantity for stickers. "

The best part is, that our super-fast sticker printing takes only 15 minutes up to 1 working day (24 hours) upon confirmation of artwork and receipt of payment!

How we calculate the price for your sticker printing orders

Explanation : Processing Fee + Price X Quantity = Total costs

Example : You need 300 pieces of 35mm diameter Round stickers printed :

Processing Fee $9.80
+ $0.142 per sticker X 300 pieces
= Total Costs : S$52.40 (Simple and straightforward!)

We print stickers of ANY shapes and ANY sizes! (up to A3, 420 x 297mm)

If the custom shape or sticker size you want is not listed below, please drop us an email NOW for a free and fast customised sticker printing quotation!

For Enquiries, Click Here for Order Forms / Email

Our helpful team will respond to your enquiries within 5 minutes to 24 hours max!

Round & Oval Sticker Printing

SizeShapeProcessing FeeUnit Price
35mm diameterRound shape$9.80$0.142/sticker
50mm diameterRound shape$9.80$0.280/sticker
60mm x 40mmOval shape$9.80$0.244/sticker
70mm x 50mmOval shape$9.80$0.401/sticker

Square & Rectangle Sticker Printing

SizeShapeProcessing FeeUnit Price
35mm x 35mmSquare shape$7.80$0.106/sticker
50mm x 50mmSquare shape$7.80$0.187/sticker
50mm x 25mmRectangular shape$7.80$0.103/sticker
80mm x 40mmRectangular shape$7.80$0.240/sticker

Square & Rectangle (Rounded Corners) Sticker Printing

SizeShapeProcessing FeeUnit Price
35mm x 35mmSquare shape$9.80$0.142/sticker
50mm x 50mmSquare shape$9.80$0.280/sticker
50mm x 25mmRectangular shape$9.80$0.159/sticker
80mm x 40mmRectangular shape$9.80$0.334/sticker

Custom-shape Sticker Printing

SizeShapeProcessing FeeUnit Price
40mm x 40mmCustom shape$12.00$0.211/sticker
60mm x 30mmCustom shape$12.00$0.220/sticker
70mm x 40mmCustom shape$12.00$0.364/sticker

EZ- Link Sticker Printing

SizeShapeProcessing FeeUnit Price
85.5mm X 54mm EZ-Link card shape $9.80 $0.347/sticker

A4 / A3 Uncut Sticker Sheet Printing

If you need only a few stickers printed, we recommend that you collate your designs on an A4 / A3 canvas then send the artwork file to us for A4 / A3 sticker printing. After that, simply DIY cut the stickers on your own for maximum savings (no cutting charges!)

SizeProcessing Fee Unit Price
A4$3.00 per A4 artwork$2.30/pcs (Minimum 2pcs)
A3$3.00 per A3 artwork$4.60/pcs

Custom Sticker Set Printing

For a quote, simply arrange all your designs on the sheet in your desired layout, and send it to us here! Even if the designs are not final, at least a sketch of the outlines will also do fine.

Enquiries / Request for Quotation

Need a customised quotation tailored specially for your sticker printing needs?

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