Hanger Shape Stickers, Mirrorkote Sticker Material, Individual-cut

Hanger Shape
Mirrorkote Sticker

Fan Shape Stickers, Gold Foil PVC Sticker Material, Kiss-cut on sheet

 Fan Shape 
 Gold Foil PVC Sticker 

Dinosaur Shape Stickers, Synthetic Sticker Material, Die-cut

 Dinosaur Shape 
 Synthetic Sticker 

Custom-shape Stickers

Custom-shape stickers can come in nearly any shape you could possibly think of. As evidenced by the photographs here, they can be used for just about anything as well. They may cost a little more than your run-of-the-mill standard stickers, but they are completely unique and stand out among tons of other items!

You can easily create unique and memorable gifts and products since they can come in literally any shape and size! Whatever you want to use them for, be it celebrations, branding, events, sales - the only limit is your imagination!

Have a Custom-shape in mind and need to print them into Custom-shape stickers in Singapore? No problem! Just simply email us your artwork and we can get them printed from as fast as 15mins up to 24hrs!

Need to print some Custom-shape stickers in Singapore? Drop us an email for a consultation with our printing experts.