Gold Speckled Stickers


The Gold Speckle Sticker Series is a premium range of paper-based stickers that are design solutions for branding and packaging. These are good alternatives to the Gold Foil Stickers or the standard Mirrorkote or Kraft paper stickers, as they have a different textural quality to them, as though dusted with gold flakes. Each colour variant in this series has its own characteristics, and textural qualities that allows your brand packaging to shine. For more information, it will be good to take a quick glance through the variety of print-outs as references before making your final decision at the pre-press stage.

We do offer three variants of this sticker material at the moment:

Vintage - Gold Speckled Sticker
White - Gold Speckled Sticker
Red - Gold Speckled Sticker


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Stickers are paper-based and can be written on using a wide variety of materials such as pencils, ball point pens, gel pens, or markers.


Even though it is made of paper, the printed artworks do not smudge when in contact with water.


Light to medium scratches with your fingernails will not wear down the printed artwork.


Varying Textures across coloured stickers
Vintage is similar to craft. It has the roughest texture out of all the three. Red is smooth, while White has a laid texture (parallel streaks across the sticker)


Paper-based & Environmentally Friendly.
All paper stickers in this range is biodegradable.


Soft, Subtle shimmering
The gold metal flakes embedded in the paper provides a very muted accent for those who enjoy a tinge of gold, without it overpowering the overall design. Excellent option for luxury packaging. 

1. Vintage - Gold Speckled Sticker

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The vintage stickers will mute the colours of your artwork, and provide an old-school, worn texture to the design. This material is perfect for aged wines, or for any brand reminiscent of the 1800s.  Colours will have a brown overcast, with an earthy colour palette, so it is important to bear that in midn when designing your brand stickers for packaging. If the gold flakes does not suit your company's branding, you may want to check out our Kraft Stickers, for a simpler, cleaner look.

2. White - Gold Speckled Sticker

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The White variant of the Gold Speckled Stickers are the most versatile, and produce print-outs that are very vibrant due to the white base. You may explore possibilities of backgrounds staying minimalist, and letting the gold flakes shine through, or perhaps explore darker backgrounds where the gold speckles become more muted. This sticker material has a laid-paper texture, meaning parellel embossed stripes across the sticker sheet that will be more apparent for darker solid colours. This gives added textural interest to even the simplest of designs, making it a premium option amongst all our paper sticker choices.

3. Red - Gold Speckled Sticker


The Red variant of the Gold Speckled Stickers are the most vibrant and festive of all the three options. It is very suitable for festivities such as Chinese New Year, Christmas, or even traditional weddings. The red infused into this sticker sheet is especially vibrant, and goes very well with White Ink designs.

Usage Suggestions

Coffee Beans


Tea Leaves
Body Scrub
Seasonal Gifts

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