Various Sticker Types

Possibly the cheapest custom sticker printer islandwide!

OneDayPrint has more than a decade of experience in printing stickers, our prices are possibly the cheapest in Singapore and we have no limits on minimum order quantity! We have many types of sticker products for you: Normal paper stickers, waterproof Synthetic stickers, PVC stickers (white or transparent) and static cling window stickers (non-adhesive). We can also die-cut your stickers into ANY shapes and ANY sizes.


Characteristics of our Various Stickers

Comparison between our 3 different sticker materials :
Best : Plastic,     Second Best : Synthetic,     Third Best : Paper

Characteristic Mirrorkote
(Paper material
Synthetic sticker
(Synthetic material)
PVC sticker
(Plastic material)
Window Sticker
(Plastic material)
Waterproof No Yes! Yes! Yes!
Smudge-proof Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
Condensation-proof (Minor) Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
Scratch proof (Against penknife, sharp objects) No No Yes Yes
Tear proof No Yes Yes Yes
Adhesive property Dry adhesive Dry adhesive Dry adhesive Static, non-stick
Reusability No Might be less effective, and leave some stick marks Might be less effective, and leave some stick marks Excellent
Printed on Surface Surface Under lamination Underneath Surface
Double sided printing No No No Translucent
White-based Material Bright and sharp colour
Transparent Material N/A N/A Sticker best used on light coloured surfaces Translucent colour
Size ANY sizes! (Up to A3 max) Maximum A4
Die-cut shape ANY shapes! Square or rectangle
MOQ MOQ (Minimum order quantity) : Just ONE single piece

Samples of Printed Stickers

>>>Please click on printed sticker image to enlarge<<<

Enquiries/Request for Quotation

Have an enquiry regarding sticker printing?
Contact us now via e-mail at 

When requesting for a quotation, kindly provide the following specific details :

1. Sticker size: Width X Height, in mm or cm
2. Sticker die-cut shape: Rectangular, square, round, oval or custom shape
3. Sticker material:

  • Normal paper sticker (mirrorkote)
  • Synthetic waterproof sticker
  • PVC sticker (white or transparent)

4. Order quantity
If possible, please attach your artwork file:
Accepted file formats are JPG, PDF, PSD and AI
Minimum resolution 300 DPI, preferably 400 DPI