Which material should I choose?

How would you be using the stickers?

The choice of your material depends on how you'll be using the stickers. For example, where will your sticker be pasted? Any special requirements like waterproof, weatherproof, lamination, etc? Are the stickers intended for long term usage where the stickers will be stuck permanently or for one-time usage whereby the stickers will be pasted and disposed of? You may also want to choose the material based on your budget. In general, we offer 3 basic types of material, they are 1) Mirrorkote paper material, 2) Synthetic PP plastic material, 3) PVC (White) laminated material.

Mirrorkote paper material

Synthetic PP material

PVC (White) laminated material

Let's consider the options...

I want the cheapest material!

Mirrorkote material is the cheapest we offer!

I want the cheapest waterproof material!

Synthetic material is the cheapest waterproof option we offer!

I need it for outdoor!

PVC (White) material is suitable for outdoor and is weatherproof!

What is the most durable option you have?

PVC (White) material is the most durable option we have.

I'm pasting on a curved surface!

We recommend at least the Synthetic material for curved surface.

I'm pasting on a rough / uneven surfaces!

We recommend at least the Synthetic material for rough / uneven surfaces!

I need it laminated!

Our PVC (White) material is glossy laminated!

I need stickers for my essential oil products!

We recommend PVC (White) material for your essential oil products!

Mirrorkote - If you just need the stickers for one-time use, Mirrorkote material is the most viable option! Made of paper, it is a cost-effective material and suitable for pasting on a dry, and flat surface. Our customers usually choose Mirrorkote material for printing packaging stickers for their food products such as product labelling, ingredient labels, and expiry dates labels. They also print name stickers for their kids for pasting on their belongings such as stationaries, books, etc, or custom stickers for birthday celebrations. Other possible applications include paste over stickers for covering up printing errors.

Synthetic - If you need the stickers to be waterproof, Synthetic material is the way to go! This material is made of plastic and is suitable for pasting on a curved surface because of its thinness and flexibility. If you are on a budget and yet need a waterproof material, Synthetic material is a well-balanced option between durability and cost. Our customers usually choose Synthetic material for printing labels for bottled items, pens, and items that may be soaked in water.

PVC (White) - If you need the stickers to be tough and durable, PVC (White) is the best material we can offer, made from Synthetic material with a layer of lamination. Being laminated means it can withstand lots of abuse from scratches, tearing, chemicals, oil, and wearing caused by being in an outdoor environment. Our customers usually choose PVC (White) material for printing stickers used in an outdoor environment where the sticker will be exposed to rain and sunlight. PVC (White) is also popular for essential oil products because it can withstand the heavy content in the essential oil which will damage the printout.

All you need to know in a table

Below is a table for the 3 basic materials for reference. (You may click on the material name to find out more)

Characteristic:Mirrorkote Sticker (Paper Material)Synthetic Sticker (Plastic Material)PVC Sticker
(Plastic Laminated Material)
MOQ (Minimum order quantity) : Just ONE single piece
ANY sizes! (Up to A3 max)
Die-cut shape
ANY shapes!
Condensation-resistant (Minor)Yes!Yes!Yes!
Adhesive property Dry adhesive Dry adhesive Dry adhesive
Scratch-resistant (Against penknife, sharp objects)NoNoYes
Reusability NoMight be less effective, and leave some stick marks
Printed on Surface Surface Under lamination
OpacityOpaque white material, printing will be in bright and sharp colour.Available in:
1) Opaque white material / Transparent material + white underlay: printing will be in bright and sharp color.
2) Transparent material without white-underlay: printing will be in translucent colour, best used on light coloured surfaces. See here for details.
Double sided printing
Unavailable for all sticker materials, sorry!
Technical Specs (Don't worry, you can ignore this)PaperPPPrinted Layer: PP (for White Material) or BOPP (for Transparent Material)
Laminate Layer: PVC or BOPP or PET
(we name our laminated stickers PVC regardless of laminate type)

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