PVC (Transparent) Stickers

Clear and classy.

Transparent stickers are ultra-durable, waterproof, scratchproof and chemical-proof. Made from transparent stickers with a layer of gloss PVC lamination, they are also perfect for the outdoors!

The transparent background also helps to ensure that the design stands out against the surface it's pasted on, but we recommend black since it's the most opaque colour! If you're looking to print White Ink on Transparent Stickers, it is now available!

*Transparent PVC stickers can also come with removable adhesive. Please email to enquire.
*We also provide reverse printing if needed (ie printing on the sticky side). Please email to enquire.

Properties of PVC (Transparent) Stickers



The lamination on these stickers helps to protect these stickers against the harsh elements, be it sun or rain - you never have to worry when outdoors!


Oil-, waterproof

Water and oils are repelled by the protective laminated surface, ensuring that they do not seep in and damage the sticker surface. This goes for essential oils too



Rest assured that frequent handling and scratches won't affect the print. Plus, they can't be torn either - making them perfect for heavy duty usage!



Lamination also ensures that these stickers remain chemical proof. Anything that might damage the print is repelled, ensuring their safety.



PVC stickers can be written on easily with oil-based markers, and you can be certain that they won't be easily wiped or rubbed off.


Premium Quality

PVC stickers are more expensive than our standard stickers, but this extra cost also translates into high quality stickers that are guaranteed to last.

Usage Suggestions


Outdoor Equipment

If you need to label or decorate your sports equipment, or paste a notice outdoors, look no further than PVC stickers! Again, being weatherproof, they are sure to withstand anything thrown at them - no worries of the stickers getting damaged even with frequent rough handling, or when exposed to the weather!

Cosmetic Bottles

If you have clear or white cosmetic bottles, you can consider labelling them with transparent PVC stickers - the contents within the jar can be clearly seen! This is highly recommended for creams, lotions etc that are white or cream in colour, as they allow the text to be clearly visible too. With transparent liquids, you may want to consider our White PVC or Synthetic stickers instead!

Packaging Seals

With its strong adhesive, Transparent PVC stickers can also be used as a clear seal for boxes and packages! You can customise it with a logo as well, instead of simply using sticky tape. Personalise your packaging just a little more and have it stand out!  We recommend that they come in wider sizes to give them ample surface area to stick!

Extra Tips!


Due to its thickness, it is recommended for larger objects. Otherwise, you can paste the ends together to secure it better!

As printed colours are translucent, be careful about where you will paste the stickers! For example, a blue sticker on a yellow surface will look green.

Due to printing limitations, we cannot print dark colours all the way to the edges - the laminated edges will split where the sticker is cut.

We recommend holding the very edges at most, or using tweezers to handle the stickers - being transparent, it can be easy to leave one's fingerprints.