PVC Window Sticker Printing

1. Introduction to Removable Stickers

All of our window stickers are considered Removable Stickers that almost have the same properties as the PVC sticker. This means that it can be removed at any time hassle-free with no stain left behind without destroying the original sticker. We do offer a few variation of removable decal sticker materials:

1. Synthetic (White-based)
2. Synthetic Frosted (Translucent-based) + Optional White Ink
3. PVC (Transparent-based) + Optional White Ink
4. PVC (White-based) 

2. Surface-Print vs Reverse Print Removable Stickers

white on frosted

Before we go into details on comparison of sticker materials, it is crucial in understanding how these window stickers are printed and pasted. Firstly, if you intend to have the printed artwork on the PVC film to be printed on the non-adhesive side, we call it a Surface-Print Sticker. If you intend to have the printed artwork on the PVC film to be printed on the adhesive side, we call it a Reverse-Print Sticker. For better visualisation, the image above is a good example of how these stickers appear when pasted on a glass window.

In general, the material properties of both surface-print & reverse prints are exactly the same; it is just a matter of preference if you prefer the sticker to be viewed through a glass panel, or if you will prefer to view the printed sticker exposed to the air. In terms of durability, we highly recommend going for the reverse print removable stickers as they do have a longer life-span compared to the surface-print ones.

3. Properties of the Reverse-Print Removable Stickers


The entire piece is essentially a piece of laminate that is pasted onto the glass with the artwork facing the viewers against the glass. As long as there are no air bubbles after application, your artwork will remain preserved, dust-free.

Oil-, waterproof

Water and oils are repelled by the protective laminated surface, ensuring that they do not seep in and damage the sticker surface. This goes for essential oils too!


Rest assured that frequent handling and scratches won't affect the print. Plus, they can't be torn either - perfect for heavy duty usage!


Lamination also ensures that these stickers remain chemical proof. Anything that might damage the print is repelled, ensuring their safety.


Since it is made of a PVC material, it can be written on easily with oil-based markers, and you can be certain that they won't be easily wiped or rubbed off.

Premium Quality

PVC stickers are more expensive than our standard stickers, but this extra cost also translates into high quality stickers that are guaranteed to last.

4. Sticker Varieties based on Translucency

dolphin sticker_edit

Synthetic (White-based)

- Reverse-Print unavailable, only surface-printing possible.
- Weatherproofing unavailable


Synthetic (Frosted)

- Reverse-Print Available
- Weatherproofing Available
- Optional White Ink Underlay



 PVC (Transparent/White-based)

- Reverse-Print Available
- Weatherproofing Available
- Optional White Ink Underlay

5. White Ink for Translucent/Transparent Stickers


We highly recommend for all coloured designs made with translucent/transparent synthetic materials opt for a white ink underlay so that the final print out is more legible.

Without a white ink underlay, the printed colours will be translucent. Do be careful about where you will paste the stickers! If your sticker on the glass door is in front of a coloured wall, the colours may blend and appear differently compared to if it had that white ink base.

6. Usage Suggestions

Custom Parking Permit Stickers

Custom Parking Permit Stickers can be created using this reverse-adhesive printing technology.

Warning Signage

Warnings/Reminders Decals designed for glass doors.

car window decal
Fun Vehicle Window Accessory

Consider designs for rear windows, and side window panels of cars

7. More Tips!


The sticker will trap dust every time it is exposed to air, so do plan ahead on the positioning of the sticker in order to prolong its lifespan


If your design has light colours in them, we highly recommend printing your design with a white ink underlay, so that everything will be printed legibly.


To ensure maximum adhesion, use a lint-free cloth to clean the surface before application. After which, use a credit card/ a squeegee to ensure that air bubbles are completely pressed out!