A3/A4/A5/A6 Standard Paper Printing

Price List of 170 GSM

For Catalogues, Projects, Poster Advertisement, etc.


1. How to Use the Price List Below:

  • Processing fee for manuscript + Printing fee = Total price
  • For example, a full colour manuscript has 5 layouts of A4 size. If customer wants to print 10 pages for each layout, it will be a total of 50 printed pages. Therefore, Processing fees (5 layouts X $1.50) + Printing fees (50pages X $0.95) = Total price $55.

2. Finishing available:

a) Smooth matte + Matte Printing, or
b) Smooth matte + Glossy Printing

A6, 170GSM

A5, 170 GSM 

A4, 170 GSM

A3, 170 GSM