A3/A4/A5/A6 Standard Paper Printing

Paper Types

We provide a range of paper products that services printing of posters, flyers, cards, photographs, etc.  As long as you can find the correct paper type, you are set to go! Kindly note that we have a minimum print order of 8pcs for A6 Cards.

Here is a list of papers that we stock:


1. Regular Art Cards 300 GSM [ Smooth / Rough ]

Heavy-weight paper, highly suited to printing formal cards and invitations.

Matte Art Card, 300 GSM
Smooth Matte Art Card, 300 GSM

metallic series

2. Metallic Series 250 - 290 GSM

A shimmery, premium finishing.

Majestic Luxus Real Digital, Gold, 250 GSM
Majestic Luxus Real Digital, Silver, 250 GSM
Majestic Candlelight Digital, Cream, 290 GSM
Majestic Marble Digital, White, 290 GSM

250gsm_Linen example

3. Linen Paper 250GSM

Imitates the texture of canvas.

170gsm paper

4. Smooth, Cool White 170GSM

Light-weighted paper. Suitable for flyers, posters, and other marketing collaterals.