Synthetic Name Cards (Waterproof)

We now offer Synthetic Name Cards!

Even in the digital age, name cards remain as a timeless personal marketing tool that offers the immediate opportunity to make an impression. As such, OneDayPrint has been constantly researching into different materials to provide you with a better solution for more premium, longer-lasting name cards. At last, we are proud to launch another design option for you to choose from!

For those of you that require your name cards products to be waterproof, tear-proof, while retaining some thickness and weight, you may consider this synthetic cardstock to be a viable option. You no longer have to worry about your expensive deck of premium name cards being drenched by the rain in your pockets or worry about the accidental coffee spills in the office! 

These cards are also very suitable for professional athletes and sports coaches that work in environments where there is constant contact with water, and have been looking for a printing service that produces waterproof business cards. Let us help you clear your worries about giving out your cards when your hands are wet during networking events! 

These synthetic cards are plastic-based, have a thickness of 250gsm, and can withstand damage by water, humidity or even weathering. They are extremely durable, flexible and very easy to clean! As they are 100% waterproof, these cards can be submerged in water and run under an open tap without getting damaged.

The printed surface is smooth, matte, and there is no need for any lamination

User’s Safety

It will also be key to note that these cardstocks have very sharp, pointed edges, and OneDayPrint will ensure that all edges made with this particular cardstock are rounded off for our customers’ and users’ safety. As such, there will be an additional cost of $8 per pack of 100pcs of name cards.

Lead Time

Do note that all orders using this synthetic paper is considered a more premium material , compared to our regular art cards, and require more care and attention to work with. Thus, it is crucial to note that there is a minimum lead time of 24 hours for production before placing your order!


Generally, we will charge 2x the price of our regular art card quote for single sided name cards, and 1.5x the price for double-sided name cards. In addition to that, there is a charge for having the cards trimmed for round corners at $8/box i.e. $8/100pcs for safety reasons.

For 100 cards,

  • B&W 1 side, straight corner, artcard : $12
  • B&W 2 side, straight corner, artcard : $12 + $12 = $24
  • B&W 1 side but round corners, plastic card : $12 x 2 = $24, plus round corners $8 = $32
  • B&W 2 sides, but round corners, plastic card : $24 X 1.5 = $36, plus round corners $8 = $44


This particular material may be much more durable than paper-based name cards, but the translucency of this card is quite high. This is something to take note of if you intend to print your name cards double-sided.

Summary of Prices for Synthetic Name Cards

Printing Black and White / 1C

Printing Grayscale


Printing Colour/ 4C

For a detailed quotation, and if you are interested in printing other variants of synthetic cardstock products, do email us at