Facebook Sticker Printing

Basic Facebook Sticker Printing: Design

Simple, minimalist design.
Not too bulky and not too tiny either - just the right size for its purpose! (:

Borderless : Suitable for darker surfaces such as brown mailing boxes and brown parcels
With Border : Stands out very clearly against white or light coloured backgrounds

Basic Facebook Sticker Printing: Price

Processing Fee + Printing Charges = Total Costs
500pcs Mirrorkote for instance cost 7.80 + (500 X 0.060) = S$37.80

Basic Facebook Stickers: Price List (S$)


Order Now! 

Ready to Order? Contact us now via email at order@onedayprint.com.sg

When placing an order for Facebook Stickers, kindly provide the following details :

  • Link to your Facebook page - www.facebook.com/pagename
  • Quantity - How many pieces
  • Choice of Facebook sticker - Basic, Premium or Custom
  • Sticker material - Mirrorkote paper or Waterproof PVC
  • Others - Any other special or specific requests, if required