Window Sticker

The PVC window sticker (static glue-free sticker) is made of material that has almost all the properties of the PVC sticker, only difference lies in the lack of glue base, and its reliance on static to stick onto glass surface. This gave it its most convenient and popular property - PVC static sticker can be removed at anytime hassle-free and with no stain left behind.

These are specially made for car windows/glass door/glass wall. This type of PVC stickers are waterproof, almost impossible to destroy by hand, durable, have a bright radiant colour, and most importantly, cheap. It is hard to sabotage because the 'sticking side' of the PVC sticker is behind the window panel away from direct contact of viewers. Therefore this is very suitable for car windows/shop glass windows/shop glass doors. What's more, we do not have a limit on minimal order, so you can order just 1 piece if you like! This has been proven very popular with people who likes customisation.

Our PVC Decal (static glue-free sticker) are differentiated by white/transparent background, they both cost the same, but are used for different purposes.

White PVC Decal (static glue-free sticker) usually is suited only for single-sided printing. This is because the colour will be much brighter and radiant against the white background.

We also have a fully transparent PVC window sticker (static glue-free sticker). Laser printing technology allows light to pass partially through it's printed area (even with black there is still such effect), therefore a colour printed PVC sheet on the glass will sometimes be harder to look at. If the customer however wishes to do transparent PVC printing, we will oblige with the customer bearing responsibility for the result.