Please read the specification below carefully to avoid unnecessary time delay in unsuitable manuscript.

First look at the basic E-Design Specifications, followed by the specifications listed below.

Sizes of bookmark :
  • Standard 1 --- Design size 139mm X 49mm,actual size 137mm X 47mm after cutting
  • Standard 2 --- Design size 139mm X 56mm,actual size 137mm X 54mm after cutting
  • Non-standard ------ 1mm bleed in design, which will be cut away


  • When editing the front of bookmark, it is advised to leave a 5mm bleed.
  • When editing the back of bookmark, there must be a bleed of 5mm and above. This is to offset the inaccuracy whilst cutting, since we can only focus on one side, which might result in a 2mm human error. When there is a 5mm bleed, this 2mm error will not be obvious to the naked eyes.
  • We do not support border frames/lines in our bookmarks, because a human error (of 2mm) when cutting would ruin it.
  • We can support full-page printing for bookmarks, but please note that 2mm will be cut off, so please do not place any words/images near the border.

Image Resolution:

  • Image has to be 300dpi or above, and small text would need to be 400dpi minimum.