1. Introduction

We're now able to offer saddle-stiched booklet printing!

This binding method is common for most magazines, or brochures, zines, and basically anything that requires large quantities of material needed for dissemination. These probably are good examples of saddle stitch binding. It is one of the most popular book binding methods available today because it is so affordable. In saddle stitching, folded sheets of paper are nested one within another and attached by staples through the fold. These stacks are placed over a holding apparatus, with each side hanging over like legs on a saddle. Then, long wire staples are threaded, or “stitched” through the paper, which holds the pages in place right down the fold.

2. When to use saddle-stitch binding?

Saddle stitch binding is an ideal and economical choice for booklets with smaller page counts, and thinner sheets of paper. We also recommend saddle stitch for publications with less than 92 pages. Usually wedding booklets, menus, event brochures, are moments to consider this form of stitching.

3. Printing Specifications

We only accept PDF files at minimum 300DPI, preferably 400DPI for A4 or A5 booklets.

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