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Insight into Chinese New Year traditions.

Chinese New Year (CNY) is coming in about 2 weeks time and those who celebrate this festive occasion would begin preparations before the start of the CNY. Traditionally, many things are done prior to the CNY celebrations, this includes:

Spring Cleaning, which is done on the 24th day of the 12th lunar month. It is a belief that cleaning the house and clearing out unnecessary items will chase away bad luck and bring good fortune to the household.

On the 26th day of the 12th lunar month, people also do some shopping for CNY, such as gifts for family and friends, food items, and decorations. People also buy new clothes to be worn on CNY as it symbolises a fresh start for the new year, it is a belief that wearing new clothes (especially red coloured ones) is auspicious and will chase away evil spirits and bad fortune.

On Chinese New Year's Eve, which falls on the 29th or 30th day of the 12th lunar month, people also paste Spring Couplets or Chūn Lián (春联) on the front door of their home. The Spring Couplets will be red papers with well-wishes traditionally written in black or gold Chinese Characters. In the evening, families would gather for a reunion dinner. (Depending on the lunar calendar, there might be 29 or 30 days in the 12th lunar month, for the year of the Ox, it's 29 days.)

Families will also "守岁(睡)" (Shǒu Suì), which is to stay up throughout the night. The word "守" means to Guard, to Observe, or to Keep, and "岁" means age or year, it is also homophonic to the word "睡" which means Sleep. So to "守睡" (stay up) is like to "守岁" in a homophonic sense.

For the younger ones, "守岁" means to safeguard the year, the significance of doing so is to "keep the years" for their elders so that they will have a prolonged life. The longer they "守睡" (stay up), the more "岁" (years) they keep for their elders. For the elder ones, to "守岁" means bidding farewell to the old year, it also has the significance of cherishing time before it's gone, in this context, cherishing the old year as it comes to an end.

Chinese New Year begins on the 1st day of the 1st lunar month, in Singapore, families will visit their relatives and friends on the 1st & 2nd day of Chinese New Year. Red packets will be given to children and unmarried singles by their parents, grandparents, and elders. In return, they will greet them with well-wishes like "恭喜发财" (Gōng Xǐ Fā Cái), which means "Wishing you good wealth and prosperity". In a literal sense, "恭喜" means "Congratulations", "发财" means "Strike it rich". So it also sounds like great fortune has come immediately to the person giving the red packet.

As times have changed, in modern times, most people don't follow the traditional timeline in preparation for Chinese New Year, but they still carry on with the traditions.

Personalised Spring Couplets / Chūn Lián (春联) stickers.

Spring Couplets consist of 2 side scrolls and a horizontal scroll. The 2 sides scrolls are 2 lines of poetry, used to express well-wishes and hope for the new year. Both have an equal number of Chinese characters on them and correspond to each other. The horizontal scroll contains 4 Chinese characters which summarise the meaning of the 2 lines of poetry.

Traditionally, the first line is pasted on the right side while the second line is pasted on the left. The horizontal scroll is pasted on top of the door and the Chinese characters are written from right to left.

However, due to changes in the writing and reading habits of modern Chinese, the first line is now pasted on the left while the second line is now pasted on the right. The same goes for the horizontal scroll which is now written from left to right.

Traditional placement for Spring Couplets.
(from right to left)

Modern placement for Spring Couplets.
(From left to right)

Here are some customised Spring Couplets we did for our shop. Printed on Gold Speckle Red sticker material:

Modern placement of Spring Couplets:
Horizontal Scroll (横批, Héng Pī) (Top) - 四季兴隆 (Sì Jì Xīng Lóng), Let every Season be Prosperous.
1st Line (上联, Shàng Lián) (Right Scroll) - 事事如意大吉祥 (Shì Shì Rú Yì Dà Jí Xiáng), May Good Luck be with you in everything you do and be according to your will.
2nd Line (下联, Xià Lián) (Left Scroll) - 家家顺心永安康 (Jiā Jiā Shùn Xīn Yǒng Ān Kāng), May every household live to their heart‘s desire, always Peaceful and in Good Health.
福到(倒) (Fú Dào) (Middle) - 福 means Blessings, Fortune, or Good Luck. 到 means Arrived. 倒 means Turn over. 到 and 倒 is homophonic. So in a homophonic sense, when the word 福 is been 倒 (turn over), it sounds like 福到, which means Blessing has arrived.

To sum up, the message of the Spring Couplets:
As the world goes through this Covid-19 pandemic, OneDayPrint would like to wish everyone Good Luck in everything you do and your wishes come true. May your family live to their heart‘s desire, always Peaceful, blessed with Good Health, and fortune. May you have a Prosperous year ahead!

CNY Decorations Stickers.

This Chinese New Year, decorate your home with customised CNY stickers!

Red with white underlay on Transparent material. (Note: white underlay is needed for the red to be visible, read here for details)

Acts like traditional "paper cutout" stickers, suitable for pasting on windows. (Note: this is a transparent plastic material, not paper)

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Left: Yellow with white underlay on Gold Speckle Red, Middle: Synthetic, Right: Red with white underlay on Sand Gold

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