Have fun with Invisible Red Security Printing

Have you heard of our NEW Invisible Red Ink?

If you have been following our website closely, you might be aware of our new product, the Invisible Red Ink Security Printing. The Invisible Red Ink is almost invisible under normal lighting conditions, but under UV light, it will glow red and reveal the hidden content! This feature is very useful if you are printing vouchers, tickets, etc, it acts as a layer of protection against counterfeiting and so no one can just simply photocopy your vouchers, tickets, etc using ordinary printers.

Invisible Red Security Printing on vouchers

Invisible Red Security Printing on stickers

Not just for serious matters...

However, besides being an added security feature for your printouts, it can also be applied in a creative and fun way too! Fun printing for your creative projects, and special party printouts to surprise your guest. Below are some examples of how it can be done.

Promotional / Fun Projects! Human Body Anatomy Reveal.

Halloween is around the corner...

Halloween is coming this Sunday, 31st October! Here are some fun ideas for the occasion.

Innocent looking sticker... turned vampire!

It's the skull monster!

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