Manuscript Requirements

Please read the specification below carefully to avoid unnecessary time delay in unsuitable manuscript.
  • First look at the basic e-Design Specifications, followed by specifications listed below
  • Triple-folded flyer (A4) manuscript design: 21cm X 9.9cm X 6pages. When combined will be a standard A4 (21cmX29.7cm).
  • For easy arrangement of draft, we do not support full-page printing on all 6pages (21cmX9.9cm) within the flyer. Please leave a 5mm bleed, thus the actual editable area is left to be (20cm X 8.9cm)
  • Please send us 6 pages of manuscript, and also include a picture/document detailing the arrangement of the manuscripts, identifying each page by the file name. (A simple way: fold a piece of paper into 3, and write the document name on each page. Then open it up and take a photo of it on both sides and send us, like the picture below.
2 Methods of Folding
Wrap Fold (Left) , Inverted Fold ( Right)
Wrap Fold (Left) , Inverted Fold ( Right)
  • All images need to be above 300dpi, and small text would need to be 400 dpi minimum.
  • Our company reserve the right to reject printing any designs that infiltrate laws / with contents that are illegal / privacy invading / sexual / violence / unhealthy material.